Thursday, August 26, 2010

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Monday, July 19, 2010


Ever since yesterday until Today have been very Odd.. I OverSlept after going home from Church. Instead of studying I felt Uneasy and could not finish anything. I tried Studying but Failed. I tried Watching any anime But I failed yet again. As If something is going to happen sometime that day. And this morning came. I woke up early. 6am As Usual but something was clearly odd. I did my morning routines incredibly slow. I read a book while eating (Which I dont usually do). Got my meal overcooked. Drank my hot choco late. Finished all my chores and my food past 7am. Took a bath in a hurry only to find out I ran out of underwear. Finished clothing up about 7:45. Went to school and discovered that my Mp3 headset port is having serious problems. Arrive at school 10minutes before the alotted time. Peaked at our Club booth. Got Abducted for Induction Rites. Missed a Class. Created an Intention for a mass in a hurry. Left my bag on the booth. Ate something I did not like. Ate at a different fast food. I really Felt the the was really off. I cant talk well cant understand anything. Then I got a call From my Bff. We talked about a new promo for our telco. But suddenly he opened up a new topic. A topic that I had blogged a month ago. A Topic That I think I had Forseen. The Girl I liked for a long time now suddenly had a Boyfriend. It was that simple. It was That simple to say. It was that simple to type. But It was hard to accept. Although I really went all out saying it last time. The real feelings just came out this time. I was really affected. I Say I can get over it but.. I think Thats that. It was my fault anyway. I suddenly wanted to become a vampire. Only to use the hypnotizing charisma. But its just a cover up. A cover up for my laziness and my stupidity. I cant blame anyone but myself. But hey! It was a Great ride. I should go down for now. Find another transport. Its not yet time. I suppose.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

R3 What if?!

Second Year Came Like a Bullet Train. Major subjects Came raining down like hail storm. All engineering students getting a glimpse of their hell called THESIS. As For Prima and Felix the storm and scorching flames of these events came crashing down their so called "RELATIONSHIFT". Prima bought her own DS. She gained money to buy a console by trying hard to save money through eating cheap food and sometimes bringing home made sandwiches. She also tried selling stuff that she already got tired of using. Felix on the other hand joined the varsity. He had to eat lunch in the gym and had to buy equipments like armor and Training clothes. Both of them got themselves occupied. Summer came along with PRIMA's birthday of it came like any other day it was summer vacation so she celebrated it with her parents. She was waiting for Felix to Greet her but it did not happened. Prima did not noticed it much not after a week. Prima tried SMS-ing Felix but Felix did not replied. She was not updated with him anymore. Felix on the other hand got his celfone snatched on the week before Prima's Birthday. He did not have anyway of communicating until he decided to use his old sim card. Week after Felix SMS-ed Prima to say hi using his simcard. Prima was surprised but it was another network so she cant reply. Prima then decided to call using their landline. Felix answered but they only got to chat for a short while. Felix borrowed a Mobile Phone from his Aunt. He talked to Prima but her Aunt is already taking her Phone back. With that event Something started between Prima and Felix. In the midst of November Prima got Involved with the Cosplay world, Felix on the Other hand Got Competitions with different schools. Prima and Felix's Relationship was being shifted away from each other As they got busy with studies and Extra Activities. They had not contact with each other In the remaining semesters of the Third Year....

Thanks to nothingcheezy for the SOng!!^^

Sunday, July 4, 2010

What if? R2

Exams done! Enrollments Done!! The First Semester starts For PRIMA and FELIX... The first day starts with PRIMA having no Names of any classmate she is with, But Naturally someone approached her it was an energetic girl she is fond of electronic things but did not want to take a course purely electronics she said she wanted some programming in order to be different than her siblings. Her name was Minerva, along side with Minerva was quiet girl who is mysterious and don't talk too much she gives off this Go With the Flow attitude, Her name was Arlene. They all went to the orientation and eat lunch together. Since Prima is not used to girls being to silent she tried talking with Arlene. She was like a robot only answers to yes or no questions. While Minerva was going all out with her Immense Energy. They Eat at the school's cafeteria. Suddenly something occurred to Prima. She suddenly remembered Felix. Wondered where was he right now. Out of the Prima took out her fone and started calling. Felix was lost he did not know were to go. Prima ran out to look for Felix and found him. She drag felix out of the crowd and brought him to the school cafeteria. Prima introduced Felix to Minerva and Arlene. Arlene Nodded and Minerva talked to Felix. Prima was a little anxious about Minerva and Felix conversation so she cut them out by going between them and started ordering food. Minerva smiled in a sly way and Felix got a little bit Irritated to Prima. The Day went on by and Felix and Prima did not talked about what happened. Every Afternoon the four of them went to lunch eating in the same cafeteria and ordering the same food. It went on for the firs semester. The second semester arrived in a flash. Since the school had 4 terms a year it was just like high school. Although Every term means another enrollment. As a new term arrives Felix and Prima got less time together due to schedule conflicts. Prima did not noticed it until one day Only Arlene and her was the only ones eating in the school cafeteria. Minerva got some other friends now and the two were left out. Felix got different schedules and other assignments thats why he cant go.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Story Blog... What If?

On the way to a college entrance exam, Prima was checking what she prepared the night before the exam. "No. 2 pencil CHECK! HS ID... CHECK! Exam Card... CHECK!! Liquid Eraser CHECK!!! Money.... EMPTY!!!". Checking her wallet for excess change that she acquired the past week was all gone. She tried getting money from her mother but she won't give any! "Mother.. I need Money Just In case there are other fees to pay or there is something I left!!!"Prima pleaded to her mother.. But she was silent.
Then they arrived at the College Gate. It was a technical college in the center of the National Capital. It was renowned for its technical courses that it catered and the number of terms per year. "There You Are!!" Prima shouted to her classmate who was taking the exam along with her. "What is your Target Course Felix?" Prima asked.."Ohh.. I plan to take ME like my Mom!" Felix answered. "Is that so? I want to take Computer Engineering Because I am fond of computers! Although I don't know much about them I want to Learn MORE!!!" Prima replied. The two classmates are close to each other they usually talk about whats going on around their campus and share info on the latest RUMORS.
"All Examinees Line Up!!" The Proctor looking Lady Called the examinees for the entrance exams. So Prima and Felix lined up. They entered a room which looked like an Auditorium its fully air-conditioned and Cameras are everywhere. There was a shelf where the students are ordered to place their things... Prima was seated 2 rows in front of Felix they had no opportunity for Eye contact and they werent able to talk. Prima's chair was weird because it had loose screws and writing on it was very difficult. The test papers were distributed and the exams began.
Prima finished her exam early without noticing how fast was she answering each item. When she decided to stop answering prima looked around Felix was still busy so she decided to use the scratch paper to draw some scribbles. She wasted time until it ran out. "That was a quick one!" Prima said. Chasing Felix who was still spacing out.
Prima and Felix walked from the exam room around the entrance of the college. Prima saw some spots that would be ideal for a date. Then after meeting their Parents the pair parted ways.
The night came and Prima got excited. Not because the exam was finished but because she was able to be with Felix just the two of them. She imagined every detail of what the two of them can do while on the same school.
Weeks have passed and she got her results. She immediately sms-Ed Felix to ask him if he passed. They both passed and they both decided to enter that school. Months have passed and they graduated the enrollment came and again the two classmates met each other. It was very tense it was both their first time on a new school they were inseparable they went through the enlisment together, met their respective department heads together, and finished the enrolment together. "Finally were enrolled all we need for is paying up." PrimA said.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Ranting on the Dark

I never tried writing in the dark. I cant even see what I am writing now. My crappy handwriting or crappy spacing is surely off. Suddenly I had an urge of writing in the dark. I am writing in an non native language I don't know why. My grammar is off but I don't care anymore. My Head is listening to reasons now. I feel so heart-broken but why should I? We never became lovers and she never wanted me to be hers. But I don't feel hurt. It's just weird that I suddenly had an urge of ranting during the dark. I thought she would wait but I never expected her to. "She was the One" I thought but maybe I was wrong. I thought what Was happening on my side was the same on Hers. I maybe looking on a two-way mirror which the transparent side is at her vantage. It doesn't hurt but it feels weird. Planning again even thou the first plan failed. I am screaming inside not because I was hurt but because I made a self Inflicting pain that I knew would hurt me if I expected too much. I felt betrayed but why should I? We never made a promise Anyway. This is me Ranting on the Dark
/*This Handwritten in the dark I just typed it*/

thanks to irocallday24 for Uploading this Vid

Sunday, May 16, 2010

LRT:A -Light Rail Transit-Angel!? Unspoken Promise...

I just finished my OJT last thursday It was very Tiring yet Very Entertaining and Educational Experience for me. Among all the OJT-ers that enrolled the same time as I did I was the first one to finish (and first one to start as well). The first day of my summer was very boring. I slacked around all day doing nothing but eat sleep and watch. After Watching I eat after I eat I SLEEP. And the patern repeated the whole day. Nothing happened as planned. I was planning to prepare all the documents that I need to submit for the official completion of my OJT. With that aside Time for some Story Blog.

I always ride the LRT at the same Location and cab everyday. The first time I rode the LRT alone for work I saw a lot of cute Girls. Most of them were with somebody and there was a very little chance that some of them were alone. This was always the scenario in the two trains that I ride everyday for work. Until a week arrived that all the Trains that I ride were filled with male passengers. It was a very dull week for me Until I reached the last day of the week which is a friday. I unexpectedly finished my morning chores early and decided to leave my house at exactly 6:45am I arrived at last station and rushed to the next train and arrive around 7:00am. Waiting for a train I looked around and found a CUTE LADY. The time slowed down and all I can see was her Moving through the crowd her Auburn Hair Dancing with the wind and shining with the sun as she approach my location. Suddenly someone appeared behind her some guy came out and held her, the time returned to normal. At the same time they went behind me a train arrived exactly were I expected it to be the door in front of me. It was full and passengers were literally popping out of the train when the doors opened. We were not able to ride that train. Another full train passed and we skipped it. Then the latest 4 cab train that collected passengers on another station arrived. We were able to ride it but inside was like an intestine people came pushing foward and I was injested inside and got separated with the couple. I was bearly able to see her but her Auburn hair was standing out. They went down 3 stations before my stations and as they went away my eyes was fixed to her and her hair just like an Angel flying away in front of me. The next day arrived I rode the train again and I got the chance to be with THEM again. I learned that she was from a famous state university in within the metro. This scenario repeated everytime I leave the house and arrive at the second train around 7am. Until I decided to switch locations and move to the opposite side of the train near the "GIRLS ONLY" side of the train. I was expecting a higher ratio of cute girls riding that cab but I was wrong. All those who ride that side were males expecting to be dragged to the "GIRLS ONLY" cab. The next day arrived again UNEXPECTEDLY I finished all my morning chores and left early. I got to the first train and when I came down the last station I saw that AUBURN HAIRED ANGEL again. She was alone at the last station and when we exited the station her "SOME GUY" popped out. And held her again they rode the same cab they usually ride and I rode the cab that opposite them. 2 days have passed after then and I decided to leave Early. I saw her Immediately when I entered the first train. I can't miss that Shining AUBURN hair that was A door away from me. Her Cuteness Stunned me all the way to the last station. When we arrived at the Terminal station I decided to follow her. I was so nervous it was my first time following someone whose name I don't know. when we left the Terminal her "SOME GUY" suddenly did not popped out. So I followed her to the next train. She rode the "GIRLS ONLY" cab and I rode the cab before it. I was hoping to use the Cellphone charm that time and when I saw the sign of the station that she usually exits I prepared my Cellphone for Capture.. But it shocked me to discover that she suddenly disappeared maybe because she exited to early or she did not went down to that station. I never discovered were she went and I went to work after that.. That's all there is.. The Angel I saw at the LRT line 1 vanished I never saw her again because for the past few days Ive been going to work Later than usual and because I was again re assigned to another place.

I always see Cute girls but never talk to them even though all the chance has been given to me. I am always like that. I've still been holding on to the promise I never made to a girl I never planned to fall for. Maybe I am hallucinating when I made this unspoken promise that I always been holding on to. But this the only reason that I can present to myself to justify why am I still single up to now. I made this promise without anyone's consent and I am not hoping for a chance that the other side will follow it as well but for the past 5 years the promise is still being held in both sides. Maybe I can still hold on to it a little longer. Maybe things will still go smoothly.. BUT MAYBE its JUST ME.. I hope I will be satisfied with the outcome of holding on till the very end. I hope the other side knows the unspoken promise as well. Well it was my decision I can't force her into it. Ill just keep on holding on to the Promise and hope she does on her side..

Monday, April 26, 2010


The past week was a very busy week for me.... Because of a celebration in our work place. It was to be aired lived so we had to work more for our department. The other room that our department was in-charge of is being constructed Along with the celebration.. People that the place hired were placing carpet for the room which required the application of "Rugby". It smelled all around our department that we were hit by its bad effects everyday. One day after going through some work I drank empty my water bottle. I was hit by the "High" of "Rugby" that I did not notice I was not being kind that day. So I entered the engineering department. It is were we get our water. I never thought I was disrespectful and I entered alone not saying a word. Then I left and by chance I got to slam their door very hard!! Up until today I was not aware of what I have done. Until it reached our "BOSS" I never thought that I was that bad. I always enter that room saying in a small voice and asking water. I never thought that being shy Could be so rude. I know what I did was wrong. I was never warned by them but it should have been common sense! Reflecting now makes me aware that it is really my fault. But the question is why did they let it take a long time before they told me what I have done. And while we were working as well. They did not have to be such an ass! We in our department are really working hard. We could at least get some respect from them who are seating all day doing some stuff or even playing MMOs!! For Crying out loud we get to do hard labor which are not related to IT and they who have ENGINEERS in their name got to look down on us! I am starting to hate the last word in my course! Its not because you passed some board exam that you can look down on others who got some lower course than you Have... I'll never want to be an engineer then if that would be a part of my job! We should be fair to those who are lower than us! We all belong to the earth If we get to high on ourselves we will fall hard on the ground someday. I hope those people I am hitting right now will be able to wake up well in the morning!!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Story blog

Since the last 2 weeks have been pretty busy for me... I had been Imagining things everytime I get to have a vacant time. I was always looking outside the window when I travel to my OJT place.. (I am currently having an ojt in a broadcasting company) I ride 2 trains totaling of 9 stations everyday. The first day I went alone to "WORK" was a very weird day I'm not too excited but I am not too lazy to go to "WORK". When I arrived at the first train station It was like a normal day for workers less students and more Workers and civilians.Blah blah BLAH BLAH.... Then I arrived at the work place I brought my first time card with me. I was so nervous on how to use it that I punched the wrong slot of the card with the Clock. Then I went to the office. They did not gave me work that day During Lunch I was assigned to the TV area.I saw a Cute "Ate" and surprisingly she was having an OJT as well. The next day came and 2 more OJT-ers arrived now we were given work and we had to scatter cables to be used in the election survey quick count simulation and for some telephones that don't have lines on them. Then days past and I got used to traveling and started Imagining things. Friday came and I was left alone in our house. I had to go to "WORK" on a saturday so I set my alarm and slept early that day. Saturday came I woke up alone and Started Imagining that I had a GurlFriend with me.. When I woke up I was in a semi DREAM state. I was preparing hot water and suddenly I saw a girl at my bed waking up and started preparing my breakfast she prepared my coffee and prepared my meal for the day she even prepared my lunch. Then my kettle whistled and I am alone again... AFter my morning rituals I was off to "WORK" I came at the first train and it was not very crowded. when I arrived at the 2nd train. The station was swarming with COUPLES and It somehow pissed me off for no reason. Then I entered a not so crowded train at the last door And AGAIN entered a SEMI DREAM state. I was holding her hand while I was entering the train. I placed her in front of me so that no one will harm her whatsoever. When the train started to run I was all alone again hugging my bag. Then the same scenes repeat everyday up until now... Even when I am at "WORK" and eating I see her in front of me Eating along with me and she disappears everytime I swallow my food. Thats OJT for me...

Monday, April 5, 2010

1.0 = 5.0 + 5.0

Today is a day when students get their grades and keep their hopes Up high like the sky. As for me I always keep my hope in a low level to be able to cope with a bad grade... But today is not a day that I was so carefree Just like a year ago... I was really Expecting to receive 1 failing grade. But when I arrived at school all my expectations Crumbled like bread crumbs on a crispy fried chicken after getting bit by someone. One of my classmates failed our common subject but theres more not only that he failed but I failed as well all of my other classmates that we are always with passed and we are the only 2 who failed in this subject. We all had the same performances in that subject but when the issuance of grade came We discovered that we failed miserably. I still cant get over it and I dont think i will within this week. Its been a long week for me and I never expected that failure because we all did the same things in that subject but we failed its like a conspiracy but we checked it!! The main rant is that All of my grades this sem were all the same they never went down from 3 except for one I had some high grades but If I never failed that subject this sem would have been the best sem I had. Its really unexpected! I never thought I will Fail it! AGAIN!!! IVe been Hating mySelf Since I went Home but hating mySelf will not Do Anything good for me All I can do is evaluate what Ive done wrong and try again tomorrow and recheck my subject. I really need to know Why... I had the highest grade in one of my subjects but the price I paid for it is another failed subject.. This is sucks!! I dont know what to do... I told my parents and I will explain it even though I cant Explain why I failed. I have an OJT comming up and I think if that subject will be offered this summer I will take it along with ojt. I must Pass it this time. OR I WILL REPEAT A YEAR... Even though its a very minor subject it once again pulled me down for the 2nd time.. maybe it was my luck but I wont regret it. This bad experiences will give birth to good ones I will not expect it because expecting on something hurts when it doesnt come. I will push through!! ORE WA SAIGO NO CLIMAXU!!!!! This is my LAst CLIMAX!!! I will Do my best srsly!!! NO more EFFIN resting. Its been too much!!! This maybe my last rant I will start to seclude myself starting this summer.
Cant find the Original But this whats playing on my head right now...

Saturday, March 27, 2010


It has been a long time since my last blog!
last month of the sem is pretty hard.. It consumed too much of my energy!!!
I lost a huge amount of money and I cant figure out where It went!! This is the next worst month to my Feb. I've BEEN FREAKING BROKE SINCE THE START of The MONTH!! I am down with debts that I accumulated for the whole month and I don't know if I fail or passed one of my subjects. But everything is still Good I did got into some weird FrEAK accident Whatsoever!!! ahahaha!!
Ive been thinking quite a while now why I keep on ending up not doing Anything! I noticed that most of the times that I plan things I end up not doing them. Like today I planned to study Micro-controllers but for some REASON I ended up not even reading anything.. I really want to get off from that habit but it keeps on coming back when I least expect it.. Maybe I am thinking too much I should stop for a while and have a Break... Tomorrow will be another day.. I hope I can be productive and hope I can finish what I plan.. This is my Blog... TODAY my last DAY of BEing 20!! ahahaha!!
Happy Birthday to You YOu!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

sinubukan nyo na bang maghalikan ni nieto?

De. Kaw nasubukan mo na?

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namemeasure ung libog. pag 1 beses magjakol, malibog. pag 2 beses medyo malibog. pag 3 beses, sobrang libog?

Malibog lang ako

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bakit mahilig ka sa hentai o kaya anime porn?

Kasi nakaka aliw! at walang nasasaktan na tao! X3

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malibog ka ba? kung malibog ka, gaano ka ilan ung libog mo?

pano inimmeasure yung LIBOG? may standard ba na libog? ahaha!! X3

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anu amoy ng singit mo pagkatapos mo magjakol?

Inaamoy pa ba yun? Di ko alam eh!

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KAsi NGa!!

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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

may posible ka bang pumayat?

meron pag di ako kumain at nag pakamatay ako sa pageexcercise! 3X pero di ko gagawin yun! mwawala din to pag nag puyat ako!! B]

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So tingin mo ganung kalaki galit ko sayo? o_0

Ewan kaw galit diba? 3X

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gaano kalaki ang sayo?

Kasing laki ng pag mamahal KO! X3

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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Friday, March 12, 2010

Bakit ba daming nagkakagalit dahil sa project? Nasisira tuloy friendship xD

Kasi di lahat ng tao, in the long run lalo na pag stressed, nag kakasundo dahil di lahat ng tao parepareho ang pag aalis ng stress sa katawan! may ibang di nakakapaghinga ng galit may ibang nag dadamdam nalang may ibang di makatangap ng pagkakamali at may ibang sadyang EPAL lang talga! in short di sila nag sync kaya nagkagulo sila!! X3

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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Time MAchine = Regrets

Today after reflecting on my way home I had a chance to think about time and regrets. We humans tend to desire of having a time machine! Why? Because we want to change something from the past! What we regret happening from back then! For example failing an EXAM! some people want to return time just to change the results of the exam.. For now I want to Write some reasons why I want to have a time machine! ahahaha!! Because I really feel that this are the same things that I used to REGRET!

1. Go back to retake a certain Entrance Exam.
2. Go back to the time where I wanted to dance with somebody.
3. Go back to the time to know the name of the girl I was introduced to.

I cant recall anymore because It just Sucks! Its not hurting or anything but I cant believe that I forget some of them! Trying to live life without regrets makes me want to forget them. Ahaha! which is kinda Lame! Forgeting regrets is like ignoring all the lessons that those regrets have brought you! This Rant is really about Time and regrets. Time is something that we can't restore no matter what we Do!! Regrets are things that happened in a certain time and we think that they are all wrong. But looking at time and regrets in a different point of view. Both of them brought something good to our lives. They brought lessons that something that happened in the past is a lesson that we should apply in order to have a good future. THIS IS WHAT I realize but I can't implement up to nOW!! Febuarary is Ending!! TIme To be back on the path that I lost along with the lessons that I tried to FORGET!!!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Api Varentines!!!

It Sure feels great walking alone on a crowded street on Valentines day! Today just know I felt a sudden urge to reminisce about the past specifically on always active during major prods. But I was less active this year! But anyways I am always @ the major prod during valentines! Come high school years we celebrate our valentines on up's feb fair we go there tn stroll and see some kiosks along with the purpose of practicing an act for our schools foundation day! But there was one unique valentines day! It was during my 2nd year! We went to our usual practice @ our classmates' house we decided to have a party for the day! My friends bought some Grandmatador brandy and we started drinking! It was my first time drinking a hard liquour! Its the first time I learned about chasers! After my 3rd drink I was given a chaser "Faye Sese" described as ice tea and drank it! After a minute i suddenly went red but not drunkard! After another drink I stopped drinking! And Faye told me that it was lambanog mixed with ginger to cure sore throat! Next stop Elementary Days! I can say that it was the first and last time I ever spent something not for me up until now During Valentines! I was grade five back then! There was this girl I could say my first Infatuation @ first Sight Girl. I was so Captured by her beauty I bought her a heart shaped doughnut in a Heart shape metal container. I told one of her classmates to give it to her and I left as quickly as I can! I cant remember if I wrote a note or something but Im sure that I gave it to her and told that it came from me. Well that was my valentines day. It ended normally but I think something happened around me!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

RantLess weeks.. Lamest Month

Things were progressing weirdly for the past few weeks. No rant has ever came up to my mind. But it has been a pattern to me ever since I graduated from my elementary school. Something happened to me that time During the February season. I don't know how it affected me but the results are quite obvious. During the whole time of February I go through a hiatus that automatically activates itself during the season. I am somehow in a state were I don't feel any love struck or any cheesy lines comming out of my mouth. In short Im not "IN LOVE" during February. My mind is like in an empty space where no Ideas come out and no Ideas Come in. I easily forget things I'm not in an "EMO"-state but I don't feel any "In Love"-state either. I'm a little useless. This State might be self-inflicted but I did not see how I inflicted it to myself. One thing I'm sure about is that it happens every February. My lamest month were my mind runs slow and my memory and my reactions are lame. Sorry For the past weeks Rantless and The next comming weeks having a lame posts. I will get myself together somehow the next month or the month after. But thanks again for reading! Till then Ill try to post Something... Or somehow try to make A story for some Comic.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Overwaking! NoSleepNights!

The week started with work.. I had a work request during sunday evening.. It was a long journey but I got an all expense paid trip and I had no classes on tuesday morning so I agreed. When monday came I recieved a missed call from my mother which made me worried. I tried calling her back but it took time before I got an answer I thought she had a big problem but it was only computer related so I just went on going to Los Baños. The trip was surprisingly fast considering it was a Monday. I arrived at our meeting place and as I expected my client will be late. (My client was my best friend since high school and recently he had computer problems that suddenly appeared.) After waiting for exactly an Hour he arrived I immediately saw him but he tried to hid himself attempting to surprise me but It failed. I scolded him for being Late and I exchanged my heavy bag for his light bag. Then we went to buy some medicine and we went to his house. When we arrived at their house I immediately looked at they pc so I can fix it early. Being awed by its bios and the fact that it was dell took me sometime before I actually start working. I tried to boot it but Hangs and takes sometime to load. Its a good thing that dell has a built in diagnostic tool in its bios which help me figure out the problem quickly. Its hard drive apparently had a small chunk of bad sector. When the pc tries to read the data written on the bad sector It proceeds to BSOD. I tried formating the Pc and installing a new Os and it worked but after Installing the drivers it proceeds to BSOD. I tried downloading new drivers and reformating and IT worked perfectly. It took me 2pm to 2am just to fix the problem because I ran out of Ideas now the Pc is still working Fine and I keep a track of its progress.

Tuesday morning came at my bFF's house being in Los Baños made me feel relaxed. it was a very cold morning and the fog was low because we are right on foot of Mt. Makiling. I did my morning ceremony In my friends cr that day because I unexpectedly had dispepsia. I stayed in the cr for a long time the water was cold at first but after having 2 return trips to the Cr the water dramatically heated up.( I tried to wake up my Bff and he rose up but after I finished my 2nd return trip to the cr he was asleep again.) The third drum of water which I used to take a bath was even hotter that what my heater that I used here can produce. I enjoyed the hot bath which made me take a bath for more than 30 minutes. we finished preparing at 8am and Immediately left the house He was in his nursing uniform a very all white uniform he was almost shining. We road a bus and he paid me for the trip. I arrived at home 11:30 eat my lunch removed my clothes in my bag and rushed to the school. We had a report that day I finished it in the morning and added some stuff on the time of the report. It was a very tiring day almost sleepless but its Ok

Wednesday started normally but Ended in an enlightening way. It was my first time to go to a gym that I had to pay for myself.( The first time I went to the gym was when it was billed along with my tuition.) It was a very refreshing experience I tried to warm up for 30 minutes but I ended up doing it only for 12 minutes. After having my short warm up I thought of what I can do one of my classmates planned to train his legs so I went along with him. My real target for going to gym was to trim my big belly which I discovered to be impossible if I don't reduce my diet. After the leg training I did some sit ups with weights it was not that easy but I immediately felt the effect. The next training was the back. I was very curious of how hard back training could be. I tried pulling 20lbs of weight for my first run and it felt normal for some reason then I jumped to 50lbs and it felt a little different from 20lbs the last run for that set was 80lbs It was very different from the first 2 but I felt the effect of it. We finished the session at around 7 and we went home. I was not that tired but I easily fell asleep that day. When I wake up the next morning my body was in pain. but its OK.

Thursday passed by normally I did not arrived late and on thursday we had a midterm exam. Friday came with me hoping to have the day end normally but it did not. I forgot about our take home exam. I brought my laptop that day because we were all scheduled to have a report for our RESMETH subject. But the reporting was canceled because one of 3 clubs that I am a member had an event. It was Pusong Resiklo Ministry who conducted the event it was mentioned to me the week before but again I forgot about it. Well anyway the event started and I got another job assigned to me it was to handle the lights for the event it was an easy task because the queuing of lights for that kind of event is not complicated. What complicated the event was my take home quiz. I had to leave before the event started because I got an sms reminding about my takehome quiz. I rushed to the library to do it with my classmates for that subject. It was very tiring because I had to bring my heavy bag along with me because my "NOTES" was in there.

The night of friday came and another job was given to me. I had to repair the PC that I repaired last year. I suddenly had problems again. This time its about its registry. I booted it up and errors pops up from it. Viruses is infesting the pc I could not think of any other solution but to back up and reformat it. Using my Puppylinux and its samba app I linked my laptop to the broken pc and backed all the data to my laptop and started formating it after wards using a different os Installed on it. The formating and restoration of data was took me a shorter time to perform because its still fresh from my mind what I had to avoid from last time. After finishing restoration and formating I slept early. Then saturday came I turned the PC on to leave it up for 24 hrs. I also backed up my data from my laptop so I could also format it to fix the distribution of partition. The afternoon came and I needed to go to school for a midterm. The good news that day was that our midterms was take home.( I did not received the questions for the exam up until this afternoon.) So we went to a convention in MegaMall. I was dissapointed because not to many cosplayers went to the event and I only captured in my PhoneCam 4 cosplayers that appealed to me. I should have went to the other event that I was Invited to go. But its Ok. I went home early to finish what I started that morning. To my surprise the backing up process was stalled by a slow transfer rate from my laptop the the pc. Then I started to reformat my Laptop I experienced errors over and over. I was planning to make 2 partitions with 2 different types of Operating system. 32bit for school and 64bit for my personal use. I only finished 4am in the morning the next day. And I slept.

Sunday came before I slept I started to restore my data. I already predicted that it will take a very long time because I had 150gb of files to be restored. we went to church at 12pm because I overslept that day. And after eating and returning from church the restoration was not finished. It only finished at 530pm and I had to go to my classmates house to finish our experiments for school. I arrived at their house around 7pm and again I had a Night with no sleep.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Back Ache...Reports...Dizzy afternoon..

A week ago I had a some Weird sickness which took me a week to recover but this week started with a back ache.. I don't know why it returned but it did. I only brought my laptop more or less twice last week but the back ache still returned.. It was really a pain having the back ache all week. But somehow I was able to Ignore it during the day and suffer it during the night which made me oversleep the whole week.

Another crazy thing happened last week.. It was Reports.. We were supposed to have a report on thursday afternoon I did not prepared for it because I did not know that my classmates were going to make their reports squeezed into one day.. They warned me of that last year but I forgot about The warning up until Thursday morning. The morning came And I did not have a report. After finishing my lunch I needed to buy an Internet card to load my Usb modem. I was so much in a panic that I wasted 50php on it even though the money I had for the whole month was only 200php I did not thought of anything anymore. I hurriedly ate and went to our classroom to try and quickly make a Report(thanks to wikipedia and google). But when reporting time came the class was canceled I did not find out about the reason but it got canceled. I was in panic mode just before the announcement and after hearing the news I finally got to fart the stress out. now I'm revising the quick report I made that day.

This week came with me sleeping late and waking up early every other day. I was making my pet projects everytime I come home I spend less time playing games and stay up all night soldering stuff that I thought I can Do myself. I just finished my USB power supply cable and my 4bit binary counter the other day and soldered on a pcb. They were simple projects but it took me a whole night or two just to finish it. What ate my time was not figuring out how to do it but soldering in the cleanest way possible. I have an unstable right hand so it took time for me just to solder a whole IC socket. long story short Soldering And making the reports made me sleep late. And then saturday came, I overslept as usual but I still woke up on the wrong side of the bed. After eating my breakfast which I cooked I finished cleaning the plates I tried watching an anime I got a week ago. I was not able to finish an episode I suddenly felt dizzy but I still tried to cook rice for our lunch. After cleaning the rice and putting it in the stove I automatically moved into my bed. I was trying to sleep but my vision is constantly turning when I close my eyes my head starts to ache and I feel like my head is spinning inside a washing machine I tried to sleep but my mother woke up and warned me about the rice I was cooking. I aimlessly stood up to check on the rice which was almost done and hurried back to the bed. After the rice was cooked I reached my limit after reaching my bed I suddenly passed out the time then was 1015. When my mother tried to wake me up it was already 1130 I would definitely be late.I checked my blood pressure and found out that I had low blood pressure now Knew why I was so dizzy that morning. I tried eating but I was not able to finish my food and I tried taking a bath even though Im still dizzy After the bath the my dizziness was lessened I went to school and had my saturday class its a good thing it was shortened but I had to do 2 take home assgnments. Which is not so bad..

Today I received a work in Los baños again because my highschool bestfriend have computer problems. I need to go tomorrow right after class and it will be something to rant about next week.. ^^

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sickness.. and God PArents...

Today I just recovered from week long of Sickness. I cant trace were I got it but it destroyed my whole week. I think it reduced my capabilities to almost 30% in other words my whole week sucked! I cant hear Clearly I cant taste anything, Cant feel anything..(NOt Really I just felt numb the whole week.) In short I felt useless to anyone. It all started on sunday last week I felt tired all day even after going to Church and Eating in some resto.. Monday came and my mind was in blur I woke up too early and arrived at school 30mins before the start of classes which means the classroom is still close and its a lab class and usually rooms open 15mins before the alloted time. It was hot that day and I felt sleepy because I woke up too early. The only good thing that day was I got some Good coffee thanks to one of my Classmates. Days past and I started to wake up later than the previous day even though I set my alarm 15mins earlier. During the day I feel sleepy what ever I do I cant understand jokes I cant see clearly cant taste anything. I was slow. Specially when thursday Arrived. I woke up 1hour before my class starts. I was in panic but my body won't move quick I still tried to cook breakfast like I always do but I did not cleaned the plates and I immediately took a bath. I arrived exactly at the designated time but when I reached my chair I immediately sinked my head on the table. My performance level during that day was totally below par I really felt stupid the whole day I didnt even remember what happened the whole day until now. Friday came by and it was not so bad I recovered a bit after sleeping early on thursday but I still woke up late that morning. Saturday was a good day for me because I fully recovered from my weird sickness but today I still got cold but Its okay.

As For my GodParents... I was suddenly reminded by someone of how UnLucky I am with God Parents. Yes they are good people but I don't really know them or they hide from me during special occassions.(except for one because she is my mother's bff) I cant remember the last time that I received a gift from my other grandparents. I am not wanting any gifts from them but the fact that they are hiding from me makes me very disappointed. I am a Godparent myself but I always try to give my Godchild a gift whenever I can. Well thats All for Last Week....

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Plugs! And Heavy Loads

Today is a saturday! Im suppposed to have a rest day today to prepare for the in comming school days! But suddenly there is a family event!! Its Supposed to be a Mini-Reunion! Im right here right now and Im not doing anything but blogging! ITs a good thing i got a good Connection all thanks to Globe Telecom! hahahaha!! any ways!! since IM not doing anything I decided to rant! Resorts and Hospitals I went to this days have weird plugs why cant they have a standard plug! Today I really need a normal plug but the plug in the cottage we got is a round plug!! IT really Sucks!! I cant charge anything on it!! You need to have a converter in order to charge in it!! Well I am not pissed off so much today because I got weird plug. Another thing which pissed me off today Is my Load. I brought too much crappy things in my bag today!!(Well its my fault but Ill still rant about it!!) Were supposed to pack light today but after making a Coin toss decision I brought my laptop. I Know its very heavy but I had no choice but to bring it! It has once again punished my shoulders. Since last week my shoulders have been aching but now Its ACHING more!!! I should not have brought my laptop because I did not used it that much. Its A good thing that I someone that I am SMS-ing someone that time and the pain got nulled a bit!! THANKS TO Her IM NOT that Pissed Off Today.. Oh and thanks to the Grammar nazi for always reminding me!!

Reader RAnt #2

Again This Is A reader rant I wont React But Ill post iT!! I only React when Im ordered to!!
hay my father is a fukcing asshole
he accused me of telling our chef family friends negative stuff about him
in truth is I didnt
where the helll did he get hat fucking idea??
chef at manila pen
and hes been cursing me over and over again
the hell with him
i was wrong in defending him from my other family members
they all hate his guts
I try to understand him because he has a broken pride
but the hell with him
im not defending him anymore
hes like a kid who always wants attention
i dont even know if i respect him anymore
men this is why I HATE HOLIDAYS
they are more stressfull than anyother seasons
they piss me off
I want to answer my dad face to face
but i cant fucking do that
you know why?!!
men I want to
and get out of this life
want to live by myself
anyway it looks im already am with more load
I just dotn want to leave my mom
shes done more than enough for us
I want to let all this stress out
I dont call this season to be jolly
its a fucking season to get yourself more fraustrated
pero isa lng
galawin lng ako ng papa ko lalaban ako
i wont break down anymore
shez its years that i just ignore this situation
as if nothings wrong
as if everything is alright
but it isnt
I shouldve stay in iloilo
I shouldve just continued the good life there

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