Thursday, December 31, 2009

AkeOme KotoYOro!!

This two Words I just learned just recently!! Im Making my year ender Rant!!! hahahahA!!
I just felt like making one!! hahaha!! anyways!! The last year was pretty different than others!! I got to Celebrate my Own birthday on a Convention! I got to go in a Summer Class which is not a good experience!! I learned how to blog!! I got into a school Production for the first time! I acquired a new tallent which is copying emails from ms outlook!! I had a small part-time business which is selling Computers which did not boom too well because of the financial crisis!! I Hope It booms well this 2010!! I learned how to network Computers! I almost failed a subject! I learned that not all things will be thought by Any Professor and sometimes some PRofs doesnt teach anything at all!! hahaha!! so Why BOTHER!! I learned for myself that its really hard to earn money in anyway you need to be hardworking!! I learned about The World God Only Knows! Which thought me more than some other professors I knoW!! I learned that Increasing Encounters could make a Love Boom Well! but I did not learn how to Increase Encounters! I learned that Ice cold Alcohol taste better than NOt ICE COLD!! I learned to hate TheBarApple because I drank too much of IT for less than a month!! Well a lot of things happened during 09!! Ihope More Exciting and good things Happen In 2010!! I hope I can make my comic sometime!! Ake Ome Koto Yoro Everyone!!!
Last Night Good Night 2009!!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Delayed... Sudden Decisions!!

Last week we Returned to what I call my Hometown because I lived there for 15yrs. We stayed at our old Neighbor's new House. I was supposed to make a rant yesterday and I was planning to write it on "TAGALOG" but there was a sudden change of mood inside me that I can't explain I was so Pissed the half part of Yesterday but I really loved the Later part of it!! But I'll Rant about it anyway!!

Yesterday the day started quite weired I think I was very unlucky the half part of it. In the morning I woke up pretty early than I needed to so I was ordered to buy some "PANDESAL" in the bakery somewhere nearby I searched for It until I reached the next "Barangay" I never knew that the shop I was searching for was closed until I returned from where we were staying. Then my brother used our Neighbor's car to pickup some bottled water that we will use to drink. After returning back he leftout to play "DOTA" with his friends he brought along with him the keys of the car he used which made the 2nd Hassle of the day. he stopped in a mall far from the house we stayed so I needed to commute to that place. After returning my mom checked her Email. She read an Email from my Father which required her to return Home all of the sudden. THAT WAS THE CORE HASSLE of the DAY! I VERY FREAKING PISSED BY WHAT HAPPENED!!! WE NEEDED TO RETURN HOME URGENTLY!!! It TOTALLY DESTROYED my Plans for that day! I suddenly needed to prepare for our unplanned departure.. Luckily I always fixed my things before I go to sleep for no reason at all so PACKING my stuff was not even a problem. The problem that rose was fixing our old neighbors pc that I promised to fix I promised to restore their back up after upgrading it. But When I looked at the backup the important files that where needed to back up was missing I had no Idea where it went which Pissed me OFF!! After trying to look for it for an hour I gave up and decided to take a bath. Then after I took a bath and ate we left before reaching the gate I tried to convince my mother to stay until the next day but she wouldn't bulge and still decided to pursue her sudden plan. I had no choice but to come with her. I was REALLY PISSED at that TIME what added to the tension was the load I was carrying I was carrying all our bags Which weighed almost 20kilos all in all. Another Tension added to us was the stupid bus with its stupid airconditioning it was very hot inside that bus. My Mother decided to change buses before we can even leave half part of the town. The next bus however helped lessen the tension because it was a newly released bus and the seats was awesomely comfortable.Another additional tension suddenly came after a few minutes the plan that was supposed to under go the next day was suddenly moved to that very same day. WHICH AMPLIFIED ME BEING TOTALLY PISSED. I was so FREAKING PISSED I was speechless all I can do was Listen to 2 bands "TAKING BACK SUNDAY" and "TYPECAST" which somehow after a couple of tracks returned me to being calm again. Then I SMSed my mother and she replied that I can make a return trip after we get home, which made me return to sanity. After before leaving the bus 30mins before our stopover I fixed all my things so that I can easily take them out after arriving home.

When we arrived home it only took me 15mins to pack the things I needed to bring for my Return trip. Then I left the return trip went very smooth when I arrived at my first stopover I bought 4 slices of pizzas so that I can be prepared for the Alcohol I am expecting to drink a little later. (That decision I am thinking of now I could have more than half of what I spended for the pizzas lessen if I had bought a burger steak meal but its ok.)I went back to my HomeTown because I was going to a chibi-Reunion with my high school classmates. When I again Arrived at my home town I needed to piss. THAT FREAKING 5 MINUTE DIFFERENCE made me miss one of my old classmates because she has to go someplace else but its ok. When I arrived at the meeting place I met 5 of my old classmates 3 males and 2 females. We bought food and drinks because THE BAR was very hit during this season my classmates bought 3 bottles of it and a whole Roast chicken and met with another one my high school classmate.

Then we went to the house we needed to stay. While walking we planned to prank the 2 girls so we 5 boys hid from them after achieving a planned distance. The plan was read by the girls somehow and they Ignored it and went away. After a couple of minutes of them Disappearing we decided to move out then the 2 girls smsed one of us and told him that they were being followed by 5 men. Blood rushed to our brains and we searched the whole vicinity and returned to the place where we lost the girls. (We even disturbed lovers who were doing mysterious things outside the library where we lost the girls) we run around the vicinity searching for them while we brought the stuff we bought with us. Then suddenly we came to our senses and we realized that we were counter pranked. We went to where supposed to go and found the 2 girls trying to hide themselves in their jackets.

Then we started the Chibi-Reunion we first ate some part of the roast chicken to fill our stomachs. Then we went to the place where we set the tables. After setting up I opened the first bottle. Talked some and completely deleted all the roasted chicken. 2 of my other high school classmates told us that they will follow and when they arrived we almost finished the first bottle and they brought another bottle it was APPLE VODKA.(Apple is a good fruit but for some reason I HATE THE BAR APPLE VODKA maybe because its strong or maybe it smells like some kind of cough syrup but still I DONT LIKE IT!!!) After finishing the first bottle we immediately opened the newly brought bottle. We talked some more and annihilated half of the snacks that we brought. Until we finished the 3rd bottle of THE BAR I was barely awake but after drinking the 1st shot of the 4th bottle I suddenly felt sleepy and I decided to stand Up and Find a place where I can rest a Little. I suddenly woke up on 3:49 am and some of my classmates where going home. I waved good bye to them and transfered to the room. And I slept I woke up 8am and went down.

We left the house where we had the session. When we rode a PUJ there were local tourist who dont know the way to their location and never listened to what the driver had to say to them. whend the girl heard that they rode the wrong PUJ She said "OH MY GOD MANONG! Mali pala yung nasakyan kong Jeep baba na ako Ditoh!" in an annoying "CONYO" style. It played repeated on my head until we arrrived at the place where we will split our journeys. (I came looking for Dunking Donuts Coffee but I failed which started to Pissed off for the day. ) I went to my Best Friends house just to take a bath and charge my Ipod and eventually eat. I had free food and Free travel thanks to them they always help me in my times of need in that place.

After Eating and packing my stuff again (I realized that I left my toothbrush in the other house we stayed at but its ok) I went to do my errand for that day to pick up the maintenance drugs that my mother was taking and some other things that we left at the first house we stayed. Then I went to buy buko pie and waited for a bus to arrive. ANOTHER FREAKING UNLUCKY EVENT TRIGGERED. The bus that was only available was FREAKINGLY OVER CROWDED! I had to stand the whole Travel until the first stopover where 60% of all the passengers went down. Then I went to my stopover and Finally home.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Lights... Camera.. PUSSIES!!!

Last last week ago was my last rant! and its short. I was very Busy being happy that is why I could not post any RANT. Today I collected all my rants for the past week starting that Show..

The Show went well.. It didn't went Great but it went Well.. It was supposed to be Great but.. I dont Think the event did not got organized that well... The rehearsals happened the day before which is supposed to happen maybe a month before. I don't know any details about it so I can't touch that side.. THe thing I want to rant about the event was the Sounds!! Well I'm the sound director of the theater club and I'll hate myself if I can't get it Out.. The selection of sounds was good but the queueing was a bit off for some parts. Its ok. Another bad part was the communication between me, the lights, the backstage and the director. From me to the Lights the communications was clear and very organized but from me to the director was murder to my ears!! The Comms Device that was supposed to be used by the director was being rolled to different placed.. Literally Rolled the murder part about it was the mic of that unit was turned on so if the comms unit is dropped ill hear the Full blast of the drop! another thing was from me to the Backstage. again the unit is Being ROLLED literally. the mic of the unit is very sensitive so every movement of the mic will be blasted to my ear. I think my ear Almost bleed the whole event. The mic in the backstage is always being thrown in Places I dont FREAKING KNOW!! ITS LIKE FREAKING MURDER!!! Another Thing the guy wearing it SHOUTED LIKE HELL in the MIC which FREAKING BLASTED MY EAR in full volume. You can put the mic upwards if you want to shout its like muting the mic but that did not happened I GOT FREAKING SHOUTED DIRECTLY IN MY EAR!!! After the show my ear was very tired.. but its ok the show went well anyway...

Next stop was the week after the play.. It was a very nice week I cant remember if something happened bad during the week but I was just so nice all my plans went accordingly..

This week was very tiring...... We Initiated the an Interview in Letran Calamba the planning was done a week before. I made our AVP on Monday and I finished it on Thursday morning. It was an AVP about the New Testament we used Dear God by FMstatic as our Music and Jesus of Nazareth and Passion of Christ as the videos to be trimmed. This is a project in our theology class its we were ordered to make an AVP let other people watch it and interview them about the AVP and About the New Testament. Making the AVP was not that easy because it was hard to think of which parts to place the AVP and triming the AVP and timing each lyric to match the actions of the trimmed AVP. The timing part took me almost a whole day in making it. Thanks to the coffee I drank wednesday morning I can move quicker. After making the AVP we were all set to Initiate the Interview. The first thing that was off on Friday was our Call Time. Our planned call time was supposed to be 2:30 I planned it 2:30 because I am Expecting them to arrive 3pm onwards being Filipinos we should count in our assumptions the so called "FILIPINO TIME" well 2:30 came and no one is still arriving. Alvin was supposed to come earlier but got caught by traffic. but all of the Time Crap was ok. The next thing that Pissed me Off was our position in the bus. We arrived at the bus station when a bus was about to leave so we did not get prime seats. It was 4:45 when we arrived there and we were seated in the very back end of the bus. It was ANNOYINGLY UNCOMFORTABLE the back part received all the beating from the drive so we were shaking all the time during the whole trip which made me feel dizzy I think I got a High Blood pressure while on that bus because I felt a "Neck-Ache". The WORST PART which EFFIN PISSED ME OFF was The main purpose of the Journey. The INTERVIEW we arrived there in Letran on the right time but the people that we were supposed to meet finished their stuff earlier. So technically we arrived late because we were supposed to meet them after they finished doing their training. I let them watch my AVP using my laptop. after them finishing the AVP we were supposed to interview them. But my GROUPMATES "PUSSY OUT"-ed!! We assigned the interviewer to be alvin and chua to ask the questions but because of their FREAKING STUPID SHYNESS they "PUSSY OUT"-ed which made my blood rush to my head I was so pissed off with them pussying out But eventually ,after me showing how pissed I was, they started the Interview. I held the camera and alvin asked the questions The Interviewees assigned a person to answer per question we presented the lighting of the place was a bit off but the whole interview went well. the Interview went well. I was very happy with the Interview and the turn of events and me being pissed off was completely overshadowed. The Interview ended and we parted off with our interviewees except for the host we were supposed to go with her along the way so we can bring some "BukoPie" on the next journey but the shop we were supposed to buy them was closed it turned out that we just escorted her home which is a good way of thanking our host. After escorting our host we went to BK and to eat I overspended but still it was overshadowed by the good turn of events. We were Able to reach our second destination but when we arrived we were so tired but its ok. I still had fun.
It was ものそごく おもしろい!! とても ものそごく おもしろい!!!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Lights... ADVANCE RANT!! T-T

Today is the day I handle Lights... Stage Lights!!! NOt all teh stagelights but TEh SPOTLIGHT!!! Yay!!! Its my first time to handle it yesterday the first PRACTICE and my Second time a while ago and My THIRD TIME IN THE ACTUAL PLAY DATE!!!! its Ok but.... Im actually not that tense!! But still its not our theater groups Production but its the SCHOOL's PRODUCTION!! which added a lot of PRESSURE!!! Every College Student will be required to watch this and they will rEmember what will happen!! IF I FAIL ON THE LIGHTS!! they will remember the man who handled the spots was an EPIC PHAIL!!! anyways IM POsting This now so I wont forget it LAter!! Hahahaha!! Plzz Comment Or RAnt If you want to!!!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Readers RAnts

dito lang
"waaaaah!!! sbrang kapal na talga! i jst hope they realized what they're doing is not acceptable!!! really, really, really not acceptable! pls pls pls grow up!!! and pls pls pls have a little conscience naman! naman! naman! naman! "

Sunday, December 6, 2009


Yesterday Which was supposed to be a Quiz day was just focused on wasting time. I FREAKING WASTED IT!! I learned today how I greatly Wasted my time yesterday... While fixing the PC I just built 2 days ago I learned that I should have prepared the drivers Earlier.. I should have learned a better way to back up things like emails.. But Still I LEARNED Good Things today. I learned that Airplanes passing our Country needs to have permit before it can do it. I learned that the thing called OVERTIME makes all jobs eat all the time what you used to call FREETIME.. I learned that Mufflers if properly measured in size and length adds a Better Performance for a Car. I learned that MOTH BALLS have mysterious properties that I never thought it possessed. InDeed today was very weird because I HAD TO START IT EARLY and I DID NOT EVEN HAVE TIME TO WARM UP... At least It ended Good I wish I can have more Clients.. Anyone who needs building their own PC's Just Comment here. OR Anyone WHo Wants to rant JUST RANT!! Here!!! :D

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Noobness and Switching Days.....

Its been a While of not posting anything....This week I built a PC that was to be given to someone. I chose the parts for it but when I arrived at the shop it was late. I had to assemble the PC myself which I thought was supposed to be Easy... Well I WAS FREAKING WRONG!!! (well it was easy indeed if I had been a very observant boy) I was supposed to connect all the parts together to the casing which looked very easy it is but I did something wrong... I FREAKING PLACED THE SCREWS IN THE WRONG POSITION!!!! Which is disturbingly NOOBLIKE!!! the screws were made of silicon and they got semi destroyed. After my brother saw my work and me being pissed without knowing what I did wrong He slammed it to myself my NOOBNESS!! the silicons which supposed to be screwed upside down where screwed wrong. I spent 3 hrs doing it wrong and spent another 3 in correcting it.. My first GUT FEELING told me to look at my old PC and check how it is connected was again DISREGARDED. I Got Pawned again by my GUT FEELING!! at least it got done and has no problems after being fixed. But the price I paid was being sleepy the whole day and Literally Obliterating my DIET!!! I WAS HUNGRY ALL DAY BECAUSE of LACK OF SLEEP. I finished fixing it at about 4am and my Mom Woke me up at 6 because she heard my FREAKING ALARM which was set automatically daily. When the night came I slept at around 8pm and woke up 7am the next day as if nothing happened.....

Today was supposed to be a day of having a Quiz. Well I did not have one because our Prof is absent. I was about to take a bath and go to school when my classmate PM-ed me about today. There will be no classes today our prof is absent. Its somehow a good thing If IT WAS TOLD A LITTLE EARLIER. If the announcement was given 10 mins Earlier I COULD HAVE BEEN EATING somewhere not at home right now I SHOULD HAVE BEEN out in the Mall strolling around with my Best Friend..... Well at least I did not have to take the quiz today which I had not studied yet because Ive been playing All night yesterday until this morning after I woke Up! hahahaha!! It always happens to me when I get hook to some game or something in particular I get more focused to it and loosing focus of what I was supposed to do Which is not A GOOD HABBIT!!! I want to prevent myself Playing MMO's today but I have nothing to do right now. Tomorrow I have to go with my bestfriend in the afternoon and in monday we will be making a video for our presentation. Next saturday, which will be very busy because of today, will be spent on the FREAKING QUIZ the whole day instead of being a free time... A day got switched Again... Which makes me so Irritated for some reason.. I wish I will have a good week next week.... T-T

I made a 2 Rants today I did not have the time to post the last one because of that FREAKING DAY!!! More Rants COmming... RANT ON the sides or in the comment boxes if you want to!!!!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Yesterday we went to a Cosplay convention!! It was fun a lot of cosplayers were around obviously! But the location was not GOOD a lot of cosplayers were not able to enter the venue!! THe FREAKING VENUE was FREAKING SMALL!!! There a lot of nice cosplayers but the cosplayers we used to see did not showed up. Well some did showed up but they left early! But still I enjoyed it! I got to see some people I know and I saw some new cosplayers cute ones!. The bad experience about this Convention however is its location. Obviously many people got pissed when they were not able to enter the hall because it was very hot that time plus most of them where wearing costumes making the temperature touching their bodies even hotter. We were lucky we entered the venue just before it was closed. We patrolled the whole venue inside after entering it, maybe it was just 10 minutes or something but after we went out, the gate for the entrance of non cosplayers was already closed. We just ignored it and left to eat something at a nearby convinence strore. After eating we went back to go inside the crowd outside almost double from what we saw before they were not allowed to enter. Because of this many were disappointed and most photoshoots happened outside of the venue. This years Convention was very lame compared to last year where I first went to watch a cosplay competition. Last year was very Fun Compared to this one I hope the ORganizers selects a BETTER place Than THIS ONE... Well Thats over... >This post is very late because I had to do some Errands. SORRY!! here is the line! Click It For the Full Album!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Early Mornings and a Client

Today is a Sunday. I went to church today.... 7:00 AM!!! IT was too Early but its Ok I got to partake on the blessings today! BUT we did not arrive early Today! we arrived at the half part of the Mass. We stayed until the next Mass is over... But this is not my rant today. My focus is getting up early and not even reaching the right time for a Meeting this often happens to me... It makes me so Worked up all day..

The Next Rant is about a Client.. I help people buy computers but its just a sideline. My client today is my father's Kyouhai at work!(Junior worker) He wants to buy today but he said he will arrive 3pm today!! 3PM!!! The place were I buy computers gets Magically Crowded during Peek HOURS!! I just Hope that we get listed early so we can also leave early... The day is not yet Over MOre rants may come up more! Please Feel Free to rant at my Rant Here box!!! ^^

RANT EXtension!!! Today is A magical DAY!!! The Shop was not full when we arrive!! It was almost empty!! we get to buy the pc earlier! well the bad rant A while a go turned out to be good. the client had an UNBELIEVABLE luck!! hahahaha!! And as a message to him... It was a pleasure doing Biz with JOo!! ^^

Rant of Today

Today is a weekend like what I do everyday I wake up early and cook our breakfast. Its a nice weekend a very nice weekend to spend it on bumming around and playing games. For me I spent it on making this blog but what it is to rant about today!? I HAVE WEEKEND CLASSES!! I know its my fault I have one right now its because of something that I did in the past I FAILED a SUBJECT!!! Because I have to redo a failed minor subject I need to take Weekend classes. If I used the secret methods that I used to do when I was younger I should have passed that subject! But whats done is done. No way to turn back now.

Another thing to rant again.....

A VERY LONG ASSIGNMENT we were given a very long ASSIGNMENT from the same subject. I know again its my fault for not doing it EARLY!! but its still very long some of my classmates even used 3 papers just for the solutions!!

These are Just minor Rants no need to fuzz about it

Friday, November 27, 2009


Its my first time to blog. Well the purpose of making this site is to make my blogs and earn for my self.

Why RantBabs?
I made this blog to post my rants and Listen to other peoples rants I'm not good at advising or any other altering of decision for others but I listen to others if they don't have someone to rant to. I don't react to your rants Unless you want me to React.

I can't think of anything right now but feel free to rant anytime.
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