Saturday, November 22, 2014

Thing I learned on the Road Riding my Bike.

Bike Log:
1. Before doing a high intensity ride DO NOT EAT ANY SOUP BASED MEAL! 

2. Upon approaching an unknown climb lower your crank just to be safe.

3. Practice proper breathing upon riding any bike. 

4. Match your pace with your breathing.

5. Practice gear shifting on all kinds of terrain.


7. Anticipate which gear to use on a climb. 

8. Learn to conserve energy.

9. Go at your own pace.

10. Learn how to manage downhill. Minimize breaks and learn how to focus on the road not on the fear.

11. Don't use your front break on a trail drop. 

12. Be sure to have a good rear break on trails

13. If possible don't use your front break on trails. 

14. Don't fear drops always focus on the trail not on the drop.

15. Use the break after the drop when your bike is stable.

16. Be weary of your bike on trails. 

17. Remove your hand on the front break to avoid using it.

18. Don't drag breaks anywhere. Press breaks with succession.

19. To reset your breathing force air out. (Usually when starting a climb).

20. On a climb if your starting to pant because your running out of air move to a harder gear and use more force.

21. On a climb If your muscles are breaking down move to an easier gear to let your muscles recover.

22. On a multiple hill roll upon going down the hill switch to a harder gear and increase cadence up to 8 or 10 and switch to an easier gear.

23. on a solo century ride always bring more water. Bring gatorade eat banana.

24. Before a century ride always train for endurance. 2 weeks before.

25. In times of cramps stop and relax drink gatorade

26. on a century ride bring extra clothes

27. At least a day before the ride do a full day carbo-loading to avoid being bonked. 

28. When doing a solo ride music aids pacing and relieves some stress. Set the volume low enough to hear a stock car’s engine 5 meters away.

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