Sunday, May 5, 2013

To the girl who will never be mine.

To the girl who will never be mine. Hello, Writing this sucks but who cares?! You will not read this anyway. I've been watching k-dramas and reading shojou mangas lately and I have been contemplating.. What if I was able to pull off these stunts? Would my ending be the same as they achieved? Will I be able to give you a good ending... Or a great beginning? Well these fantasies came out from the writers who also thought of the same IDEA as I am thinking about now. If ever "Boy A" is able to bring "Girl B" to happiness no matter what means necessary he will win her heart. In reality this is true but the means is what separate fantasies from reality. I, "Boy A", will never be able to bring You,"Girl B", to happiness. Why? Because the means are terrifying. Yes I am a coward as the title suggests. I may not be able to perform the means now but watch out, this is a challenge coming from coward "Boy A", I will be able to win hearts of others but one of my goals will always be winning your heart "Girl B". -SEFM

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