Saturday, November 28, 2009

Early Mornings and a Client

Today is a Sunday. I went to church today.... 7:00 AM!!! IT was too Early but its Ok I got to partake on the blessings today! BUT we did not arrive early Today! we arrived at the half part of the Mass. We stayed until the next Mass is over... But this is not my rant today. My focus is getting up early and not even reaching the right time for a Meeting this often happens to me... It makes me so Worked up all day..

The Next Rant is about a Client.. I help people buy computers but its just a sideline. My client today is my father's Kyouhai at work!(Junior worker) He wants to buy today but he said he will arrive 3pm today!! 3PM!!! The place were I buy computers gets Magically Crowded during Peek HOURS!! I just Hope that we get listed early so we can also leave early... The day is not yet Over MOre rants may come up more! Please Feel Free to rant at my Rant Here box!!! ^^

RANT EXtension!!! Today is A magical DAY!!! The Shop was not full when we arrive!! It was almost empty!! we get to buy the pc earlier! well the bad rant A while a go turned out to be good. the client had an UNBELIEVABLE luck!! hahahaha!! And as a message to him... It was a pleasure doing Biz with JOo!! ^^

Rant of Today

Today is a weekend like what I do everyday I wake up early and cook our breakfast. Its a nice weekend a very nice weekend to spend it on bumming around and playing games. For me I spent it on making this blog but what it is to rant about today!? I HAVE WEEKEND CLASSES!! I know its my fault I have one right now its because of something that I did in the past I FAILED a SUBJECT!!! Because I have to redo a failed minor subject I need to take Weekend classes. If I used the secret methods that I used to do when I was younger I should have passed that subject! But whats done is done. No way to turn back now.

Another thing to rant again.....

A VERY LONG ASSIGNMENT we were given a very long ASSIGNMENT from the same subject. I know again its my fault for not doing it EARLY!! but its still very long some of my classmates even used 3 papers just for the solutions!!

These are Just minor Rants no need to fuzz about it

Friday, November 27, 2009


Its my first time to blog. Well the purpose of making this site is to make my blogs and earn for my self.

Why RantBabs?
I made this blog to post my rants and Listen to other peoples rants I'm not good at advising or any other altering of decision for others but I listen to others if they don't have someone to rant to. I don't react to your rants Unless you want me to React.

I can't think of anything right now but feel free to rant anytime.
oh and click the ads and my referrals please!!! ^^

Help ME

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