Saturday, November 28, 2009

Rant of Today

Today is a weekend like what I do everyday I wake up early and cook our breakfast. Its a nice weekend a very nice weekend to spend it on bumming around and playing games. For me I spent it on making this blog but what it is to rant about today!? I HAVE WEEKEND CLASSES!! I know its my fault I have one right now its because of something that I did in the past I FAILED a SUBJECT!!! Because I have to redo a failed minor subject I need to take Weekend classes. If I used the secret methods that I used to do when I was younger I should have passed that subject! But whats done is done. No way to turn back now.

Another thing to rant again.....

A VERY LONG ASSIGNMENT we were given a very long ASSIGNMENT from the same subject. I know again its my fault for not doing it EARLY!! but its still very long some of my classmates even used 3 papers just for the solutions!!

These are Just minor Rants no need to fuzz about it


  1. niceee...:D so I have a ranting spot now..:D

  2. LOL! So this blog is all about ranting? Well, at least you have a place to put all of them. Blogging is indeed a great way to express your thoughts, feelings, and everything.

  3. thanks scribbler its for my rants and Anybodies rant!! rant all you want here I wont react!!^^


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