Saturday, June 26, 2010

Story Blog... What If?

On the way to a college entrance exam, Prima was checking what she prepared the night before the exam. "No. 2 pencil CHECK! HS ID... CHECK! Exam Card... CHECK!! Liquid Eraser CHECK!!! Money.... EMPTY!!!". Checking her wallet for excess change that she acquired the past week was all gone. She tried getting money from her mother but she won't give any! "Mother.. I need Money Just In case there are other fees to pay or there is something I left!!!"Prima pleaded to her mother.. But she was silent.
Then they arrived at the College Gate. It was a technical college in the center of the National Capital. It was renowned for its technical courses that it catered and the number of terms per year. "There You Are!!" Prima shouted to her classmate who was taking the exam along with her. "What is your Target Course Felix?" Prima asked.."Ohh.. I plan to take ME like my Mom!" Felix answered. "Is that so? I want to take Computer Engineering Because I am fond of computers! Although I don't know much about them I want to Learn MORE!!!" Prima replied. The two classmates are close to each other they usually talk about whats going on around their campus and share info on the latest RUMORS.
"All Examinees Line Up!!" The Proctor looking Lady Called the examinees for the entrance exams. So Prima and Felix lined up. They entered a room which looked like an Auditorium its fully air-conditioned and Cameras are everywhere. There was a shelf where the students are ordered to place their things... Prima was seated 2 rows in front of Felix they had no opportunity for Eye contact and they werent able to talk. Prima's chair was weird because it had loose screws and writing on it was very difficult. The test papers were distributed and the exams began.
Prima finished her exam early without noticing how fast was she answering each item. When she decided to stop answering prima looked around Felix was still busy so she decided to use the scratch paper to draw some scribbles. She wasted time until it ran out. "That was a quick one!" Prima said. Chasing Felix who was still spacing out.
Prima and Felix walked from the exam room around the entrance of the college. Prima saw some spots that would be ideal for a date. Then after meeting their Parents the pair parted ways.
The night came and Prima got excited. Not because the exam was finished but because she was able to be with Felix just the two of them. She imagined every detail of what the two of them can do while on the same school.
Weeks have passed and she got her results. She immediately sms-Ed Felix to ask him if he passed. They both passed and they both decided to enter that school. Months have passed and they graduated the enrollment came and again the two classmates met each other. It was very tense it was both their first time on a new school they were inseparable they went through the enlisment together, met their respective department heads together, and finished the enrolment together. "Finally were enrolled all we need for is paying up." PrimA said.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Ranting on the Dark

I never tried writing in the dark. I cant even see what I am writing now. My crappy handwriting or crappy spacing is surely off. Suddenly I had an urge of writing in the dark. I am writing in an non native language I don't know why. My grammar is off but I don't care anymore. My Head is listening to reasons now. I feel so heart-broken but why should I? We never became lovers and she never wanted me to be hers. But I don't feel hurt. It's just weird that I suddenly had an urge of ranting during the dark. I thought she would wait but I never expected her to. "She was the One" I thought but maybe I was wrong. I thought what Was happening on my side was the same on Hers. I maybe looking on a two-way mirror which the transparent side is at her vantage. It doesn't hurt but it feels weird. Planning again even thou the first plan failed. I am screaming inside not because I was hurt but because I made a self Inflicting pain that I knew would hurt me if I expected too much. I felt betrayed but why should I? We never made a promise Anyway. This is me Ranting on the Dark
/*This Handwritten in the dark I just typed it*/

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