Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Ranting on the Dark

I never tried writing in the dark. I cant even see what I am writing now. My crappy handwriting or crappy spacing is surely off. Suddenly I had an urge of writing in the dark. I am writing in an non native language I don't know why. My grammar is off but I don't care anymore. My Head is listening to reasons now. I feel so heart-broken but why should I? We never became lovers and she never wanted me to be hers. But I don't feel hurt. It's just weird that I suddenly had an urge of ranting during the dark. I thought she would wait but I never expected her to. "She was the One" I thought but maybe I was wrong. I thought what Was happening on my side was the same on Hers. I maybe looking on a two-way mirror which the transparent side is at her vantage. It doesn't hurt but it feels weird. Planning again even thou the first plan failed. I am screaming inside not because I was hurt but because I made a self Inflicting pain that I knew would hurt me if I expected too much. I felt betrayed but why should I? We never made a promise Anyway. This is me Ranting on the Dark
/*This Handwritten in the dark I just typed it*/

thanks to irocallday24 for Uploading this Vid

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