Saturday, March 27, 2010


It has been a long time since my last blog!
last month of the sem is pretty hard.. It consumed too much of my energy!!!
I lost a huge amount of money and I cant figure out where It went!! This is the next worst month to my Feb. I've BEEN FREAKING BROKE SINCE THE START of The MONTH!! I am down with debts that I accumulated for the whole month and I don't know if I fail or passed one of my subjects. But everything is still Good I did got into some weird FrEAK accident Whatsoever!!! ahahaha!!
Ive been thinking quite a while now why I keep on ending up not doing Anything! I noticed that most of the times that I plan things I end up not doing them. Like today I planned to study Micro-controllers but for some REASON I ended up not even reading anything.. I really want to get off from that habit but it keeps on coming back when I least expect it.. Maybe I am thinking too much I should stop for a while and have a Break... Tomorrow will be another day.. I hope I can be productive and hope I can finish what I plan.. This is my Blog... TODAY my last DAY of BEing 20!! ahahaha!!
Happy Birthday to You YOu!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

sinubukan nyo na bang maghalikan ni nieto?

De. Kaw nasubukan mo na?

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namemeasure ung libog. pag 1 beses magjakol, malibog. pag 2 beses medyo malibog. pag 3 beses, sobrang libog?

Malibog lang ako

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bakit mahilig ka sa hentai o kaya anime porn?

Kasi nakaka aliw! at walang nasasaktan na tao! X3

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malibog ka ba? kung malibog ka, gaano ka ilan ung libog mo?

pano inimmeasure yung LIBOG? may standard ba na libog? ahaha!! X3

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anu amoy ng singit mo pagkatapos mo magjakol?

Inaamoy pa ba yun? Di ko alam eh!

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KAsi NGa!!

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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

may posible ka bang pumayat?

meron pag di ako kumain at nag pakamatay ako sa pageexcercise! 3X pero di ko gagawin yun! mwawala din to pag nag puyat ako!! B]

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So tingin mo ganung kalaki galit ko sayo? o_0

Ewan kaw galit diba? 3X

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gaano kalaki ang sayo?

Kasing laki ng pag mamahal KO! X3

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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Friday, March 12, 2010

Bakit ba daming nagkakagalit dahil sa project? Nasisira tuloy friendship xD

Kasi di lahat ng tao, in the long run lalo na pag stressed, nag kakasundo dahil di lahat ng tao parepareho ang pag aalis ng stress sa katawan! may ibang di nakakapaghinga ng galit may ibang nag dadamdam nalang may ibang di makatangap ng pagkakamali at may ibang sadyang EPAL lang talga! in short di sila nag sync kaya nagkagulo sila!! X3

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