Sunday, May 16, 2010

LRT:A -Light Rail Transit-Angel!? Unspoken Promise...

I just finished my OJT last thursday It was very Tiring yet Very Entertaining and Educational Experience for me. Among all the OJT-ers that enrolled the same time as I did I was the first one to finish (and first one to start as well). The first day of my summer was very boring. I slacked around all day doing nothing but eat sleep and watch. After Watching I eat after I eat I SLEEP. And the patern repeated the whole day. Nothing happened as planned. I was planning to prepare all the documents that I need to submit for the official completion of my OJT. With that aside Time for some Story Blog.

I always ride the LRT at the same Location and cab everyday. The first time I rode the LRT alone for work I saw a lot of cute Girls. Most of them were with somebody and there was a very little chance that some of them were alone. This was always the scenario in the two trains that I ride everyday for work. Until a week arrived that all the Trains that I ride were filled with male passengers. It was a very dull week for me Until I reached the last day of the week which is a friday. I unexpectedly finished my morning chores early and decided to leave my house at exactly 6:45am I arrived at last station and rushed to the next train and arrive around 7:00am. Waiting for a train I looked around and found a CUTE LADY. The time slowed down and all I can see was her Moving through the crowd her Auburn Hair Dancing with the wind and shining with the sun as she approach my location. Suddenly someone appeared behind her some guy came out and held her, the time returned to normal. At the same time they went behind me a train arrived exactly were I expected it to be the door in front of me. It was full and passengers were literally popping out of the train when the doors opened. We were not able to ride that train. Another full train passed and we skipped it. Then the latest 4 cab train that collected passengers on another station arrived. We were able to ride it but inside was like an intestine people came pushing foward and I was injested inside and got separated with the couple. I was bearly able to see her but her Auburn hair was standing out. They went down 3 stations before my stations and as they went away my eyes was fixed to her and her hair just like an Angel flying away in front of me. The next day arrived I rode the train again and I got the chance to be with THEM again. I learned that she was from a famous state university in within the metro. This scenario repeated everytime I leave the house and arrive at the second train around 7am. Until I decided to switch locations and move to the opposite side of the train near the "GIRLS ONLY" side of the train. I was expecting a higher ratio of cute girls riding that cab but I was wrong. All those who ride that side were males expecting to be dragged to the "GIRLS ONLY" cab. The next day arrived again UNEXPECTEDLY I finished all my morning chores and left early. I got to the first train and when I came down the last station I saw that AUBURN HAIRED ANGEL again. She was alone at the last station and when we exited the station her "SOME GUY" popped out. And held her again they rode the same cab they usually ride and I rode the cab that opposite them. 2 days have passed after then and I decided to leave Early. I saw her Immediately when I entered the first train. I can't miss that Shining AUBURN hair that was A door away from me. Her Cuteness Stunned me all the way to the last station. When we arrived at the Terminal station I decided to follow her. I was so nervous it was my first time following someone whose name I don't know. when we left the Terminal her "SOME GUY" suddenly did not popped out. So I followed her to the next train. She rode the "GIRLS ONLY" cab and I rode the cab before it. I was hoping to use the Cellphone charm that time and when I saw the sign of the station that she usually exits I prepared my Cellphone for Capture.. But it shocked me to discover that she suddenly disappeared maybe because she exited to early or she did not went down to that station. I never discovered were she went and I went to work after that.. That's all there is.. The Angel I saw at the LRT line 1 vanished I never saw her again because for the past few days Ive been going to work Later than usual and because I was again re assigned to another place.

I always see Cute girls but never talk to them even though all the chance has been given to me. I am always like that. I've still been holding on to the promise I never made to a girl I never planned to fall for. Maybe I am hallucinating when I made this unspoken promise that I always been holding on to. But this the only reason that I can present to myself to justify why am I still single up to now. I made this promise without anyone's consent and I am not hoping for a chance that the other side will follow it as well but for the past 5 years the promise is still being held in both sides. Maybe I can still hold on to it a little longer. Maybe things will still go smoothly.. BUT MAYBE its JUST ME.. I hope I will be satisfied with the outcome of holding on till the very end. I hope the other side knows the unspoken promise as well. Well it was my decision I can't force her into it. Ill just keep on holding on to the Promise and hope she does on her side..

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