Monday, July 19, 2010


Ever since yesterday until Today have been very Odd.. I OverSlept after going home from Church. Instead of studying I felt Uneasy and could not finish anything. I tried Studying but Failed. I tried Watching any anime But I failed yet again. As If something is going to happen sometime that day. And this morning came. I woke up early. 6am As Usual but something was clearly odd. I did my morning routines incredibly slow. I read a book while eating (Which I dont usually do). Got my meal overcooked. Drank my hot choco late. Finished all my chores and my food past 7am. Took a bath in a hurry only to find out I ran out of underwear. Finished clothing up about 7:45. Went to school and discovered that my Mp3 headset port is having serious problems. Arrive at school 10minutes before the alotted time. Peaked at our Club booth. Got Abducted for Induction Rites. Missed a Class. Created an Intention for a mass in a hurry. Left my bag on the booth. Ate something I did not like. Ate at a different fast food. I really Felt the the was really off. I cant talk well cant understand anything. Then I got a call From my Bff. We talked about a new promo for our telco. But suddenly he opened up a new topic. A topic that I had blogged a month ago. A Topic That I think I had Forseen. The Girl I liked for a long time now suddenly had a Boyfriend. It was that simple. It was That simple to say. It was that simple to type. But It was hard to accept. Although I really went all out saying it last time. The real feelings just came out this time. I was really affected. I Say I can get over it but.. I think Thats that. It was my fault anyway. I suddenly wanted to become a vampire. Only to use the hypnotizing charisma. But its just a cover up. A cover up for my laziness and my stupidity. I cant blame anyone but myself. But hey! It was a Great ride. I should go down for now. Find another transport. Its not yet time. I suppose.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

R3 What if?!

Second Year Came Like a Bullet Train. Major subjects Came raining down like hail storm. All engineering students getting a glimpse of their hell called THESIS. As For Prima and Felix the storm and scorching flames of these events came crashing down their so called "RELATIONSHIFT". Prima bought her own DS. She gained money to buy a console by trying hard to save money through eating cheap food and sometimes bringing home made sandwiches. She also tried selling stuff that she already got tired of using. Felix on the other hand joined the varsity. He had to eat lunch in the gym and had to buy equipments like armor and Training clothes. Both of them got themselves occupied. Summer came along with PRIMA's birthday of it came like any other day it was summer vacation so she celebrated it with her parents. She was waiting for Felix to Greet her but it did not happened. Prima did not noticed it much not after a week. Prima tried SMS-ing Felix but Felix did not replied. She was not updated with him anymore. Felix on the other hand got his celfone snatched on the week before Prima's Birthday. He did not have anyway of communicating until he decided to use his old sim card. Week after Felix SMS-ed Prima to say hi using his simcard. Prima was surprised but it was another network so she cant reply. Prima then decided to call using their landline. Felix answered but they only got to chat for a short while. Felix borrowed a Mobile Phone from his Aunt. He talked to Prima but her Aunt is already taking her Phone back. With that event Something started between Prima and Felix. In the midst of November Prima got Involved with the Cosplay world, Felix on the Other hand Got Competitions with different schools. Prima and Felix's Relationship was being shifted away from each other As they got busy with studies and Extra Activities. They had not contact with each other In the remaining semesters of the Third Year....

Thanks to nothingcheezy for the SOng!!^^

Sunday, July 4, 2010

What if? R2

Exams done! Enrollments Done!! The First Semester starts For PRIMA and FELIX... The first day starts with PRIMA having no Names of any classmate she is with, But Naturally someone approached her it was an energetic girl she is fond of electronic things but did not want to take a course purely electronics she said she wanted some programming in order to be different than her siblings. Her name was Minerva, along side with Minerva was quiet girl who is mysterious and don't talk too much she gives off this Go With the Flow attitude, Her name was Arlene. They all went to the orientation and eat lunch together. Since Prima is not used to girls being to silent she tried talking with Arlene. She was like a robot only answers to yes or no questions. While Minerva was going all out with her Immense Energy. They Eat at the school's cafeteria. Suddenly something occurred to Prima. She suddenly remembered Felix. Wondered where was he right now. Out of the Prima took out her fone and started calling. Felix was lost he did not know were to go. Prima ran out to look for Felix and found him. She drag felix out of the crowd and brought him to the school cafeteria. Prima introduced Felix to Minerva and Arlene. Arlene Nodded and Minerva talked to Felix. Prima was a little anxious about Minerva and Felix conversation so she cut them out by going between them and started ordering food. Minerva smiled in a sly way and Felix got a little bit Irritated to Prima. The Day went on by and Felix and Prima did not talked about what happened. Every Afternoon the four of them went to lunch eating in the same cafeteria and ordering the same food. It went on for the firs semester. The second semester arrived in a flash. Since the school had 4 terms a year it was just like high school. Although Every term means another enrollment. As a new term arrives Felix and Prima got less time together due to schedule conflicts. Prima did not noticed it until one day Only Arlene and her was the only ones eating in the school cafeteria. Minerva got some other friends now and the two were left out. Felix got different schedules and other assignments thats why he cant go.

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