Sunday, July 11, 2010

R3 What if?!

Second Year Came Like a Bullet Train. Major subjects Came raining down like hail storm. All engineering students getting a glimpse of their hell called THESIS. As For Prima and Felix the storm and scorching flames of these events came crashing down their so called "RELATIONSHIFT". Prima bought her own DS. She gained money to buy a console by trying hard to save money through eating cheap food and sometimes bringing home made sandwiches. She also tried selling stuff that she already got tired of using. Felix on the other hand joined the varsity. He had to eat lunch in the gym and had to buy equipments like armor and Training clothes. Both of them got themselves occupied. Summer came along with PRIMA's birthday of it came like any other day it was summer vacation so she celebrated it with her parents. She was waiting for Felix to Greet her but it did not happened. Prima did not noticed it much not after a week. Prima tried SMS-ing Felix but Felix did not replied. She was not updated with him anymore. Felix on the other hand got his celfone snatched on the week before Prima's Birthday. He did not have anyway of communicating until he decided to use his old sim card. Week after Felix SMS-ed Prima to say hi using his simcard. Prima was surprised but it was another network so she cant reply. Prima then decided to call using their landline. Felix answered but they only got to chat for a short while. Felix borrowed a Mobile Phone from his Aunt. He talked to Prima but her Aunt is already taking her Phone back. With that event Something started between Prima and Felix. In the midst of November Prima got Involved with the Cosplay world, Felix on the Other hand Got Competitions with different schools. Prima and Felix's Relationship was being shifted away from each other As they got busy with studies and Extra Activities. They had not contact with each other In the remaining semesters of the Third Year....

Thanks to nothingcheezy for the SOng!!^^

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