Sunday, July 4, 2010

What if? R2

Exams done! Enrollments Done!! The First Semester starts For PRIMA and FELIX... The first day starts with PRIMA having no Names of any classmate she is with, But Naturally someone approached her it was an energetic girl she is fond of electronic things but did not want to take a course purely electronics she said she wanted some programming in order to be different than her siblings. Her name was Minerva, along side with Minerva was quiet girl who is mysterious and don't talk too much she gives off this Go With the Flow attitude, Her name was Arlene. They all went to the orientation and eat lunch together. Since Prima is not used to girls being to silent she tried talking with Arlene. She was like a robot only answers to yes or no questions. While Minerva was going all out with her Immense Energy. They Eat at the school's cafeteria. Suddenly something occurred to Prima. She suddenly remembered Felix. Wondered where was he right now. Out of the Prima took out her fone and started calling. Felix was lost he did not know were to go. Prima ran out to look for Felix and found him. She drag felix out of the crowd and brought him to the school cafeteria. Prima introduced Felix to Minerva and Arlene. Arlene Nodded and Minerva talked to Felix. Prima was a little anxious about Minerva and Felix conversation so she cut them out by going between them and started ordering food. Minerva smiled in a sly way and Felix got a little bit Irritated to Prima. The Day went on by and Felix and Prima did not talked about what happened. Every Afternoon the four of them went to lunch eating in the same cafeteria and ordering the same food. It went on for the firs semester. The second semester arrived in a flash. Since the school had 4 terms a year it was just like high school. Although Every term means another enrollment. As a new term arrives Felix and Prima got less time together due to schedule conflicts. Prima did not noticed it until one day Only Arlene and her was the only ones eating in the school cafeteria. Minerva got some other friends now and the two were left out. Felix got different schedules and other assignments thats why he cant go.

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