Saturday, March 27, 2010


It has been a long time since my last blog!
last month of the sem is pretty hard.. It consumed too much of my energy!!!
I lost a huge amount of money and I cant figure out where It went!! This is the next worst month to my Feb. I've BEEN FREAKING BROKE SINCE THE START of The MONTH!! I am down with debts that I accumulated for the whole month and I don't know if I fail or passed one of my subjects. But everything is still Good I did got into some weird FrEAK accident Whatsoever!!! ahahaha!!
Ive been thinking quite a while now why I keep on ending up not doing Anything! I noticed that most of the times that I plan things I end up not doing them. Like today I planned to study Micro-controllers but for some REASON I ended up not even reading anything.. I really want to get off from that habit but it keeps on coming back when I least expect it.. Maybe I am thinking too much I should stop for a while and have a Break... Tomorrow will be another day.. I hope I can be productive and hope I can finish what I plan.. This is my Blog... TODAY my last DAY of BEing 20!! ahahaha!!
Happy Birthday to You YOu!!

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