Monday, April 5, 2010

1.0 = 5.0 + 5.0

Today is a day when students get their grades and keep their hopes Up high like the sky. As for me I always keep my hope in a low level to be able to cope with a bad grade... But today is not a day that I was so carefree Just like a year ago... I was really Expecting to receive 1 failing grade. But when I arrived at school all my expectations Crumbled like bread crumbs on a crispy fried chicken after getting bit by someone. One of my classmates failed our common subject but theres more not only that he failed but I failed as well all of my other classmates that we are always with passed and we are the only 2 who failed in this subject. We all had the same performances in that subject but when the issuance of grade came We discovered that we failed miserably. I still cant get over it and I dont think i will within this week. Its been a long week for me and I never expected that failure because we all did the same things in that subject but we failed its like a conspiracy but we checked it!! The main rant is that All of my grades this sem were all the same they never went down from 3 except for one I had some high grades but If I never failed that subject this sem would have been the best sem I had. Its really unexpected! I never thought I will Fail it! AGAIN!!! IVe been Hating mySelf Since I went Home but hating mySelf will not Do Anything good for me All I can do is evaluate what Ive done wrong and try again tomorrow and recheck my subject. I really need to know Why... I had the highest grade in one of my subjects but the price I paid for it is another failed subject.. This is sucks!! I dont know what to do... I told my parents and I will explain it even though I cant Explain why I failed. I have an OJT comming up and I think if that subject will be offered this summer I will take it along with ojt. I must Pass it this time. OR I WILL REPEAT A YEAR... Even though its a very minor subject it once again pulled me down for the 2nd time.. maybe it was my luck but I wont regret it. This bad experiences will give birth to good ones I will not expect it because expecting on something hurts when it doesnt come. I will push through!! ORE WA SAIGO NO CLIMAXU!!!!! This is my LAst CLIMAX!!! I will Do my best srsly!!! NO more EFFIN resting. Its been too much!!! This maybe my last rant I will start to seclude myself starting this summer.
Cant find the Original But this whats playing on my head right now...

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