Thursday, December 10, 2009

Lights... ADVANCE RANT!! T-T

Today is the day I handle Lights... Stage Lights!!! NOt all teh stagelights but TEh SPOTLIGHT!!! Yay!!! Its my first time to handle it yesterday the first PRACTICE and my Second time a while ago and My THIRD TIME IN THE ACTUAL PLAY DATE!!!! its Ok but.... Im actually not that tense!! But still its not our theater groups Production but its the SCHOOL's PRODUCTION!! which added a lot of PRESSURE!!! Every College Student will be required to watch this and they will rEmember what will happen!! IF I FAIL ON THE LIGHTS!! they will remember the man who handled the spots was an EPIC PHAIL!!! anyways IM POsting This now so I wont forget it LAter!! Hahahaha!! Plzz Comment Or RAnt If you want to!!!

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