Sunday, December 27, 2009

Delayed... Sudden Decisions!!

Last week we Returned to what I call my Hometown because I lived there for 15yrs. We stayed at our old Neighbor's new House. I was supposed to make a rant yesterday and I was planning to write it on "TAGALOG" but there was a sudden change of mood inside me that I can't explain I was so Pissed the half part of Yesterday but I really loved the Later part of it!! But I'll Rant about it anyway!!

Yesterday the day started quite weired I think I was very unlucky the half part of it. In the morning I woke up pretty early than I needed to so I was ordered to buy some "PANDESAL" in the bakery somewhere nearby I searched for It until I reached the next "Barangay" I never knew that the shop I was searching for was closed until I returned from where we were staying. Then my brother used our Neighbor's car to pickup some bottled water that we will use to drink. After returning back he leftout to play "DOTA" with his friends he brought along with him the keys of the car he used which made the 2nd Hassle of the day. he stopped in a mall far from the house we stayed so I needed to commute to that place. After returning my mom checked her Email. She read an Email from my Father which required her to return Home all of the sudden. THAT WAS THE CORE HASSLE of the DAY! I VERY FREAKING PISSED BY WHAT HAPPENED!!! WE NEEDED TO RETURN HOME URGENTLY!!! It TOTALLY DESTROYED my Plans for that day! I suddenly needed to prepare for our unplanned departure.. Luckily I always fixed my things before I go to sleep for no reason at all so PACKING my stuff was not even a problem. The problem that rose was fixing our old neighbors pc that I promised to fix I promised to restore their back up after upgrading it. But When I looked at the backup the important files that where needed to back up was missing I had no Idea where it went which Pissed me OFF!! After trying to look for it for an hour I gave up and decided to take a bath. Then after I took a bath and ate we left before reaching the gate I tried to convince my mother to stay until the next day but she wouldn't bulge and still decided to pursue her sudden plan. I had no choice but to come with her. I was REALLY PISSED at that TIME what added to the tension was the load I was carrying I was carrying all our bags Which weighed almost 20kilos all in all. Another Tension added to us was the stupid bus with its stupid airconditioning it was very hot inside that bus. My Mother decided to change buses before we can even leave half part of the town. The next bus however helped lessen the tension because it was a newly released bus and the seats was awesomely comfortable.Another additional tension suddenly came after a few minutes the plan that was supposed to under go the next day was suddenly moved to that very same day. WHICH AMPLIFIED ME BEING TOTALLY PISSED. I was so FREAKING PISSED I was speechless all I can do was Listen to 2 bands "TAKING BACK SUNDAY" and "TYPECAST" which somehow after a couple of tracks returned me to being calm again. Then I SMSed my mother and she replied that I can make a return trip after we get home, which made me return to sanity. After before leaving the bus 30mins before our stopover I fixed all my things so that I can easily take them out after arriving home.

When we arrived home it only took me 15mins to pack the things I needed to bring for my Return trip. Then I left the return trip went very smooth when I arrived at my first stopover I bought 4 slices of pizzas so that I can be prepared for the Alcohol I am expecting to drink a little later. (That decision I am thinking of now I could have more than half of what I spended for the pizzas lessen if I had bought a burger steak meal but its ok.)I went back to my HomeTown because I was going to a chibi-Reunion with my high school classmates. When I again Arrived at my home town I needed to piss. THAT FREAKING 5 MINUTE DIFFERENCE made me miss one of my old classmates because she has to go someplace else but its ok. When I arrived at the meeting place I met 5 of my old classmates 3 males and 2 females. We bought food and drinks because THE BAR was very hit during this season my classmates bought 3 bottles of it and a whole Roast chicken and met with another one my high school classmate.

Then we went to the house we needed to stay. While walking we planned to prank the 2 girls so we 5 boys hid from them after achieving a planned distance. The plan was read by the girls somehow and they Ignored it and went away. After a couple of minutes of them Disappearing we decided to move out then the 2 girls smsed one of us and told him that they were being followed by 5 men. Blood rushed to our brains and we searched the whole vicinity and returned to the place where we lost the girls. (We even disturbed lovers who were doing mysterious things outside the library where we lost the girls) we run around the vicinity searching for them while we brought the stuff we bought with us. Then suddenly we came to our senses and we realized that we were counter pranked. We went to where supposed to go and found the 2 girls trying to hide themselves in their jackets.

Then we started the Chibi-Reunion we first ate some part of the roast chicken to fill our stomachs. Then we went to the place where we set the tables. After setting up I opened the first bottle. Talked some and completely deleted all the roasted chicken. 2 of my other high school classmates told us that they will follow and when they arrived we almost finished the first bottle and they brought another bottle it was APPLE VODKA.(Apple is a good fruit but for some reason I HATE THE BAR APPLE VODKA maybe because its strong or maybe it smells like some kind of cough syrup but still I DONT LIKE IT!!!) After finishing the first bottle we immediately opened the newly brought bottle. We talked some more and annihilated half of the snacks that we brought. Until we finished the 3rd bottle of THE BAR I was barely awake but after drinking the 1st shot of the 4th bottle I suddenly felt sleepy and I decided to stand Up and Find a place where I can rest a Little. I suddenly woke up on 3:49 am and some of my classmates where going home. I waved good bye to them and transfered to the room. And I slept I woke up 8am and went down.

We left the house where we had the session. When we rode a PUJ there were local tourist who dont know the way to their location and never listened to what the driver had to say to them. whend the girl heard that they rode the wrong PUJ She said "OH MY GOD MANONG! Mali pala yung nasakyan kong Jeep baba na ako Ditoh!" in an annoying "CONYO" style. It played repeated on my head until we arrrived at the place where we will split our journeys. (I came looking for Dunking Donuts Coffee but I failed which started to Pissed off for the day. ) I went to my Best Friends house just to take a bath and charge my Ipod and eventually eat. I had free food and Free travel thanks to them they always help me in my times of need in that place.

After Eating and packing my stuff again (I realized that I left my toothbrush in the other house we stayed at but its ok) I went to do my errand for that day to pick up the maintenance drugs that my mother was taking and some other things that we left at the first house we stayed. Then I went to buy buko pie and waited for a bus to arrive. ANOTHER FREAKING UNLUCKY EVENT TRIGGERED. The bus that was only available was FREAKINGLY OVER CROWDED! I had to stand the whole Travel until the first stopover where 60% of all the passengers went down. Then I went to my stopover and Finally home.

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