Sunday, December 6, 2009


Yesterday Which was supposed to be a Quiz day was just focused on wasting time. I FREAKING WASTED IT!! I learned today how I greatly Wasted my time yesterday... While fixing the PC I just built 2 days ago I learned that I should have prepared the drivers Earlier.. I should have learned a better way to back up things like emails.. But Still I LEARNED Good Things today. I learned that Airplanes passing our Country needs to have permit before it can do it. I learned that the thing called OVERTIME makes all jobs eat all the time what you used to call FREETIME.. I learned that Mufflers if properly measured in size and length adds a Better Performance for a Car. I learned that MOTH BALLS have mysterious properties that I never thought it possessed. InDeed today was very weird because I HAD TO START IT EARLY and I DID NOT EVEN HAVE TIME TO WARM UP... At least It ended Good I wish I can have more Clients.. Anyone who needs building their own PC's Just Comment here. OR Anyone WHo Wants to rant JUST RANT!! Here!!! :D

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