Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Yesterday we went to a Cosplay convention!! It was fun a lot of cosplayers were around obviously! But the location was not GOOD a lot of cosplayers were not able to enter the venue!! THe FREAKING VENUE was FREAKING SMALL!!! There a lot of nice cosplayers but the cosplayers we used to see did not showed up. Well some did showed up but they left early! But still I enjoyed it! I got to see some people I know and I saw some new cosplayers cute ones!. The bad experience about this Convention however is its location. Obviously many people got pissed when they were not able to enter the hall because it was very hot that time plus most of them where wearing costumes making the temperature touching their bodies even hotter. We were lucky we entered the venue just before it was closed. We patrolled the whole venue inside after entering it, maybe it was just 10 minutes or something but after we went out, the gate for the entrance of non cosplayers was already closed. We just ignored it and left to eat something at a nearby convinence strore. After eating we went back to go inside the crowd outside almost double from what we saw before they were not allowed to enter. Because of this many were disappointed and most photoshoots happened outside of the venue. This years Convention was very lame compared to last year where I first went to watch a cosplay competition. Last year was very Fun Compared to this one I hope the ORganizers selects a BETTER place Than THIS ONE... Well Thats over... >This post is very late because I had to do some Errands. SORRY!! here is the line! Click It For the Full Album!

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