Saturday, December 5, 2009

Noobness and Switching Days.....

Its been a While of not posting anything....This week I built a PC that was to be given to someone. I chose the parts for it but when I arrived at the shop it was late. I had to assemble the PC myself which I thought was supposed to be Easy... Well I WAS FREAKING WRONG!!! (well it was easy indeed if I had been a very observant boy) I was supposed to connect all the parts together to the casing which looked very easy it is but I did something wrong... I FREAKING PLACED THE SCREWS IN THE WRONG POSITION!!!! Which is disturbingly NOOBLIKE!!! the screws were made of silicon and they got semi destroyed. After my brother saw my work and me being pissed without knowing what I did wrong He slammed it to myself my NOOBNESS!! the silicons which supposed to be screwed upside down where screwed wrong. I spent 3 hrs doing it wrong and spent another 3 in correcting it.. My first GUT FEELING told me to look at my old PC and check how it is connected was again DISREGARDED. I Got Pawned again by my GUT FEELING!! at least it got done and has no problems after being fixed. But the price I paid was being sleepy the whole day and Literally Obliterating my DIET!!! I WAS HUNGRY ALL DAY BECAUSE of LACK OF SLEEP. I finished fixing it at about 4am and my Mom Woke me up at 6 because she heard my FREAKING ALARM which was set automatically daily. When the night came I slept at around 8pm and woke up 7am the next day as if nothing happened.....

Today was supposed to be a day of having a Quiz. Well I did not have one because our Prof is absent. I was about to take a bath and go to school when my classmate PM-ed me about today. There will be no classes today our prof is absent. Its somehow a good thing If IT WAS TOLD A LITTLE EARLIER. If the announcement was given 10 mins Earlier I COULD HAVE BEEN EATING somewhere not at home right now I SHOULD HAVE BEEN out in the Mall strolling around with my Best Friend..... Well at least I did not have to take the quiz today which I had not studied yet because Ive been playing All night yesterday until this morning after I woke Up! hahahaha!! It always happens to me when I get hook to some game or something in particular I get more focused to it and loosing focus of what I was supposed to do Which is not A GOOD HABBIT!!! I want to prevent myself Playing MMO's today but I have nothing to do right now. Tomorrow I have to go with my bestfriend in the afternoon and in monday we will be making a video for our presentation. Next saturday, which will be very busy because of today, will be spent on the FREAKING QUIZ the whole day instead of being a free time... A day got switched Again... Which makes me so Irritated for some reason.. I wish I will have a good week next week.... T-T

I made a 2 Rants today I did not have the time to post the last one because of that FREAKING DAY!!! More Rants COmming... RANT ON the sides or in the comment boxes if you want to!!!!

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