Thursday, December 31, 2009

AkeOme KotoYOro!!

This two Words I just learned just recently!! Im Making my year ender Rant!!! hahahahA!!
I just felt like making one!! hahaha!! anyways!! The last year was pretty different than others!! I got to Celebrate my Own birthday on a Convention! I got to go in a Summer Class which is not a good experience!! I learned how to blog!! I got into a school Production for the first time! I acquired a new tallent which is copying emails from ms outlook!! I had a small part-time business which is selling Computers which did not boom too well because of the financial crisis!! I Hope It booms well this 2010!! I learned how to network Computers! I almost failed a subject! I learned that not all things will be thought by Any Professor and sometimes some PRofs doesnt teach anything at all!! hahaha!! so Why BOTHER!! I learned for myself that its really hard to earn money in anyway you need to be hardworking!! I learned about The World God Only Knows! Which thought me more than some other professors I knoW!! I learned that Increasing Encounters could make a Love Boom Well! but I did not learn how to Increase Encounters! I learned that Ice cold Alcohol taste better than NOt ICE COLD!! I learned to hate TheBarApple because I drank too much of IT for less than a month!! Well a lot of things happened during 09!! Ihope More Exciting and good things Happen In 2010!! I hope I can make my comic sometime!! Ake Ome Koto Yoro Everyone!!!
Last Night Good Night 2009!!

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