Saturday, January 2, 2010

Reader RAnt #2

Again This Is A reader rant I wont React But Ill post iT!! I only React when Im ordered to!!
hay my father is a fukcing asshole
he accused me of telling our chef family friends negative stuff about him
in truth is I didnt
where the helll did he get hat fucking idea??
chef at manila pen
and hes been cursing me over and over again
the hell with him
i was wrong in defending him from my other family members
they all hate his guts
I try to understand him because he has a broken pride
but the hell with him
im not defending him anymore
hes like a kid who always wants attention
i dont even know if i respect him anymore
men this is why I HATE HOLIDAYS
they are more stressfull than anyother seasons
they piss me off
I want to answer my dad face to face
but i cant fucking do that
you know why?!!
men I want to
and get out of this life
want to live by myself
anyway it looks im already am with more load
I just dotn want to leave my mom
shes done more than enough for us
I want to let all this stress out
I dont call this season to be jolly
its a fucking season to get yourself more fraustrated
pero isa lng
galawin lng ako ng papa ko lalaban ako
i wont break down anymore
shez its years that i just ignore this situation
as if nothings wrong
as if everything is alright
but it isnt
I shouldve stay in iloilo
I shouldve just continued the good life there

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