Monday, January 25, 2010

Overwaking! NoSleepNights!

The week started with work.. I had a work request during sunday evening.. It was a long journey but I got an all expense paid trip and I had no classes on tuesday morning so I agreed. When monday came I recieved a missed call from my mother which made me worried. I tried calling her back but it took time before I got an answer I thought she had a big problem but it was only computer related so I just went on going to Los Baños. The trip was surprisingly fast considering it was a Monday. I arrived at our meeting place and as I expected my client will be late. (My client was my best friend since high school and recently he had computer problems that suddenly appeared.) After waiting for exactly an Hour he arrived I immediately saw him but he tried to hid himself attempting to surprise me but It failed. I scolded him for being Late and I exchanged my heavy bag for his light bag. Then we went to buy some medicine and we went to his house. When we arrived at their house I immediately looked at they pc so I can fix it early. Being awed by its bios and the fact that it was dell took me sometime before I actually start working. I tried to boot it but Hangs and takes sometime to load. Its a good thing that dell has a built in diagnostic tool in its bios which help me figure out the problem quickly. Its hard drive apparently had a small chunk of bad sector. When the pc tries to read the data written on the bad sector It proceeds to BSOD. I tried formating the Pc and installing a new Os and it worked but after Installing the drivers it proceeds to BSOD. I tried downloading new drivers and reformating and IT worked perfectly. It took me 2pm to 2am just to fix the problem because I ran out of Ideas now the Pc is still working Fine and I keep a track of its progress.

Tuesday morning came at my bFF's house being in Los Baños made me feel relaxed. it was a very cold morning and the fog was low because we are right on foot of Mt. Makiling. I did my morning ceremony In my friends cr that day because I unexpectedly had dispepsia. I stayed in the cr for a long time the water was cold at first but after having 2 return trips to the Cr the water dramatically heated up.( I tried to wake up my Bff and he rose up but after I finished my 2nd return trip to the cr he was asleep again.) The third drum of water which I used to take a bath was even hotter that what my heater that I used here can produce. I enjoyed the hot bath which made me take a bath for more than 30 minutes. we finished preparing at 8am and Immediately left the house He was in his nursing uniform a very all white uniform he was almost shining. We road a bus and he paid me for the trip. I arrived at home 11:30 eat my lunch removed my clothes in my bag and rushed to the school. We had a report that day I finished it in the morning and added some stuff on the time of the report. It was a very tiring day almost sleepless but its Ok

Wednesday started normally but Ended in an enlightening way. It was my first time to go to a gym that I had to pay for myself.( The first time I went to the gym was when it was billed along with my tuition.) It was a very refreshing experience I tried to warm up for 30 minutes but I ended up doing it only for 12 minutes. After having my short warm up I thought of what I can do one of my classmates planned to train his legs so I went along with him. My real target for going to gym was to trim my big belly which I discovered to be impossible if I don't reduce my diet. After the leg training I did some sit ups with weights it was not that easy but I immediately felt the effect. The next training was the back. I was very curious of how hard back training could be. I tried pulling 20lbs of weight for my first run and it felt normal for some reason then I jumped to 50lbs and it felt a little different from 20lbs the last run for that set was 80lbs It was very different from the first 2 but I felt the effect of it. We finished the session at around 7 and we went home. I was not that tired but I easily fell asleep that day. When I wake up the next morning my body was in pain. but its OK.

Thursday passed by normally I did not arrived late and on thursday we had a midterm exam. Friday came with me hoping to have the day end normally but it did not. I forgot about our take home exam. I brought my laptop that day because we were all scheduled to have a report for our RESMETH subject. But the reporting was canceled because one of 3 clubs that I am a member had an event. It was Pusong Resiklo Ministry who conducted the event it was mentioned to me the week before but again I forgot about it. Well anyway the event started and I got another job assigned to me it was to handle the lights for the event it was an easy task because the queuing of lights for that kind of event is not complicated. What complicated the event was my take home quiz. I had to leave before the event started because I got an sms reminding about my takehome quiz. I rushed to the library to do it with my classmates for that subject. It was very tiring because I had to bring my heavy bag along with me because my "NOTES" was in there.

The night of friday came and another job was given to me. I had to repair the PC that I repaired last year. I suddenly had problems again. This time its about its registry. I booted it up and errors pops up from it. Viruses is infesting the pc I could not think of any other solution but to back up and reformat it. Using my Puppylinux and its samba app I linked my laptop to the broken pc and backed all the data to my laptop and started formating it after wards using a different os Installed on it. The formating and restoration of data was took me a shorter time to perform because its still fresh from my mind what I had to avoid from last time. After finishing restoration and formating I slept early. Then saturday came I turned the PC on to leave it up for 24 hrs. I also backed up my data from my laptop so I could also format it to fix the distribution of partition. The afternoon came and I needed to go to school for a midterm. The good news that day was that our midterms was take home.( I did not received the questions for the exam up until this afternoon.) So we went to a convention in MegaMall. I was dissapointed because not to many cosplayers went to the event and I only captured in my PhoneCam 4 cosplayers that appealed to me. I should have went to the other event that I was Invited to go. But its Ok. I went home early to finish what I started that morning. To my surprise the backing up process was stalled by a slow transfer rate from my laptop the the pc. Then I started to reformat my Laptop I experienced errors over and over. I was planning to make 2 partitions with 2 different types of Operating system. 32bit for school and 64bit for my personal use. I only finished 4am in the morning the next day. And I slept.

Sunday came before I slept I started to restore my data. I already predicted that it will take a very long time because I had 150gb of files to be restored. we went to church at 12pm because I overslept that day. And after eating and returning from church the restoration was not finished. It only finished at 530pm and I had to go to my classmates house to finish our experiments for school. I arrived at their house around 7pm and again I had a Night with no sleep.


  1. nga plan seth... thank you so much for repairing my pc... i awe you much!!!

  2. wow!!! your so unbelievable!!!! idol na kita!!


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