Saturday, February 6, 2010

RantLess weeks.. Lamest Month

Things were progressing weirdly for the past few weeks. No rant has ever came up to my mind. But it has been a pattern to me ever since I graduated from my elementary school. Something happened to me that time During the February season. I don't know how it affected me but the results are quite obvious. During the whole time of February I go through a hiatus that automatically activates itself during the season. I am somehow in a state were I don't feel any love struck or any cheesy lines comming out of my mouth. In short Im not "IN LOVE" during February. My mind is like in an empty space where no Ideas come out and no Ideas Come in. I easily forget things I'm not in an "EMO"-state but I don't feel any "In Love"-state either. I'm a little useless. This State might be self-inflicted but I did not see how I inflicted it to myself. One thing I'm sure about is that it happens every February. My lamest month were my mind runs slow and my memory and my reactions are lame. Sorry For the past weeks Rantless and The next comming weeks having a lame posts. I will get myself together somehow the next month or the month after. But thanks again for reading! Till then Ill try to post Something... Or somehow try to make A story for some Comic.

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