Sunday, February 14, 2010

Api Varentines!!!

It Sure feels great walking alone on a crowded street on Valentines day! Today just know I felt a sudden urge to reminisce about the past specifically on always active during major prods. But I was less active this year! But anyways I am always @ the major prod during valentines! Come high school years we celebrate our valentines on up's feb fair we go there tn stroll and see some kiosks along with the purpose of practicing an act for our schools foundation day! But there was one unique valentines day! It was during my 2nd year! We went to our usual practice @ our classmates' house we decided to have a party for the day! My friends bought some Grandmatador brandy and we started drinking! It was my first time drinking a hard liquour! Its the first time I learned about chasers! After my 3rd drink I was given a chaser "Faye Sese" described as ice tea and drank it! After a minute i suddenly went red but not drunkard! After another drink I stopped drinking! And Faye told me that it was lambanog mixed with ginger to cure sore throat! Next stop Elementary Days! I can say that it was the first and last time I ever spent something not for me up until now During Valentines! I was grade five back then! There was this girl I could say my first Infatuation @ first Sight Girl. I was so Captured by her beauty I bought her a heart shaped doughnut in a Heart shape metal container. I told one of her classmates to give it to her and I left as quickly as I can! I cant remember if I wrote a note or something but Im sure that I gave it to her and told that it came from me. Well that was my valentines day. It ended normally but I think something happened around me!

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