Sunday, February 28, 2010

Time MAchine = Regrets

Today after reflecting on my way home I had a chance to think about time and regrets. We humans tend to desire of having a time machine! Why? Because we want to change something from the past! What we regret happening from back then! For example failing an EXAM! some people want to return time just to change the results of the exam.. For now I want to Write some reasons why I want to have a time machine! ahahaha!! Because I really feel that this are the same things that I used to REGRET!

1. Go back to retake a certain Entrance Exam.
2. Go back to the time where I wanted to dance with somebody.
3. Go back to the time to know the name of the girl I was introduced to.

I cant recall anymore because It just Sucks! Its not hurting or anything but I cant believe that I forget some of them! Trying to live life without regrets makes me want to forget them. Ahaha! which is kinda Lame! Forgeting regrets is like ignoring all the lessons that those regrets have brought you! This Rant is really about Time and regrets. Time is something that we can't restore no matter what we Do!! Regrets are things that happened in a certain time and we think that they are all wrong. But looking at time and regrets in a different point of view. Both of them brought something good to our lives. They brought lessons that something that happened in the past is a lesson that we should apply in order to have a good future. THIS IS WHAT I realize but I can't implement up to nOW!! Febuarary is Ending!! TIme To be back on the path that I lost along with the lessons that I tried to FORGET!!!

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