Sunday, January 17, 2010

Back Ache...Reports...Dizzy afternoon..

A week ago I had a some Weird sickness which took me a week to recover but this week started with a back ache.. I don't know why it returned but it did. I only brought my laptop more or less twice last week but the back ache still returned.. It was really a pain having the back ache all week. But somehow I was able to Ignore it during the day and suffer it during the night which made me oversleep the whole week.

Another crazy thing happened last week.. It was Reports.. We were supposed to have a report on thursday afternoon I did not prepared for it because I did not know that my classmates were going to make their reports squeezed into one day.. They warned me of that last year but I forgot about The warning up until Thursday morning. The morning came And I did not have a report. After finishing my lunch I needed to buy an Internet card to load my Usb modem. I was so much in a panic that I wasted 50php on it even though the money I had for the whole month was only 200php I did not thought of anything anymore. I hurriedly ate and went to our classroom to try and quickly make a Report(thanks to wikipedia and google). But when reporting time came the class was canceled I did not find out about the reason but it got canceled. I was in panic mode just before the announcement and after hearing the news I finally got to fart the stress out. now I'm revising the quick report I made that day.

This week came with me sleeping late and waking up early every other day. I was making my pet projects everytime I come home I spend less time playing games and stay up all night soldering stuff that I thought I can Do myself. I just finished my USB power supply cable and my 4bit binary counter the other day and soldered on a pcb. They were simple projects but it took me a whole night or two just to finish it. What ate my time was not figuring out how to do it but soldering in the cleanest way possible. I have an unstable right hand so it took time for me just to solder a whole IC socket. long story short Soldering And making the reports made me sleep late. And then saturday came, I overslept as usual but I still woke up on the wrong side of the bed. After eating my breakfast which I cooked I finished cleaning the plates I tried watching an anime I got a week ago. I was not able to finish an episode I suddenly felt dizzy but I still tried to cook rice for our lunch. After cleaning the rice and putting it in the stove I automatically moved into my bed. I was trying to sleep but my vision is constantly turning when I close my eyes my head starts to ache and I feel like my head is spinning inside a washing machine I tried to sleep but my mother woke up and warned me about the rice I was cooking. I aimlessly stood up to check on the rice which was almost done and hurried back to the bed. After the rice was cooked I reached my limit after reaching my bed I suddenly passed out the time then was 1015. When my mother tried to wake me up it was already 1130 I would definitely be late.I checked my blood pressure and found out that I had low blood pressure now Knew why I was so dizzy that morning. I tried eating but I was not able to finish my food and I tried taking a bath even though Im still dizzy After the bath the my dizziness was lessened I went to school and had my saturday class its a good thing it was shortened but I had to do 2 take home assgnments. Which is not so bad..

Today I received a work in Los baƱos again because my highschool bestfriend have computer problems. I need to go tomorrow right after class and it will be something to rant about next week.. ^^

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