Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sickness.. and God PArents...

Today I just recovered from week long of Sickness. I cant trace were I got it but it destroyed my whole week. I think it reduced my capabilities to almost 30% in other words my whole week sucked! I cant hear Clearly I cant taste anything, Cant feel anything..(NOt Really I just felt numb the whole week.) In short I felt useless to anyone. It all started on sunday last week I felt tired all day even after going to Church and Eating in some resto.. Monday came and my mind was in blur I woke up too early and arrived at school 30mins before the start of classes which means the classroom is still close and its a lab class and usually rooms open 15mins before the alloted time. It was hot that day and I felt sleepy because I woke up too early. The only good thing that day was I got some Good coffee thanks to one of my Classmates. Days past and I started to wake up later than the previous day even though I set my alarm 15mins earlier. During the day I feel sleepy what ever I do I cant understand jokes I cant see clearly cant taste anything. I was slow. Specially when thursday Arrived. I woke up 1hour before my class starts. I was in panic but my body won't move quick I still tried to cook breakfast like I always do but I did not cleaned the plates and I immediately took a bath. I arrived exactly at the designated time but when I reached my chair I immediately sinked my head on the table. My performance level during that day was totally below par I really felt stupid the whole day I didnt even remember what happened the whole day until now. Friday came by and it was not so bad I recovered a bit after sleeping early on thursday but I still woke up late that morning. Saturday was a good day for me because I fully recovered from my weird sickness but today I still got cold but Its okay.

As For my GodParents... I was suddenly reminded by someone of how UnLucky I am with God Parents. Yes they are good people but I don't really know them or they hide from me during special occassions.(except for one because she is my mother's bff) I cant remember the last time that I received a gift from my other grandparents. I am not wanting any gifts from them but the fact that they are hiding from me makes me very disappointed. I am a Godparent myself but I always try to give my Godchild a gift whenever I can. Well thats All for Last Week....

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