Saturday, January 2, 2010

Plugs! And Heavy Loads

Today is a saturday! Im suppposed to have a rest day today to prepare for the in comming school days! But suddenly there is a family event!! Its Supposed to be a Mini-Reunion! Im right here right now and Im not doing anything but blogging! ITs a good thing i got a good Connection all thanks to Globe Telecom! hahahaha!! any ways!! since IM not doing anything I decided to rant! Resorts and Hospitals I went to this days have weird plugs why cant they have a standard plug! Today I really need a normal plug but the plug in the cottage we got is a round plug!! IT really Sucks!! I cant charge anything on it!! You need to have a converter in order to charge in it!! Well I am not pissed off so much today because I got weird plug. Another thing which pissed me off today Is my Load. I brought too much crappy things in my bag today!!(Well its my fault but Ill still rant about it!!) Were supposed to pack light today but after making a Coin toss decision I brought my laptop. I Know its very heavy but I had no choice but to bring it! It has once again punished my shoulders. Since last week my shoulders have been aching but now Its ACHING more!!! I should not have brought my laptop because I did not used it that much. Its A good thing that I someone that I am SMS-ing someone that time and the pain got nulled a bit!! THANKS TO Her IM NOT that Pissed Off Today.. Oh and thanks to the Grammar nazi for always reminding me!!

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