Sunday, December 20, 2009

Lights... Camera.. PUSSIES!!!

Last last week ago was my last rant! and its short. I was very Busy being happy that is why I could not post any RANT. Today I collected all my rants for the past week starting that Show..

The Show went well.. It didn't went Great but it went Well.. It was supposed to be Great but.. I dont Think the event did not got organized that well... The rehearsals happened the day before which is supposed to happen maybe a month before. I don't know any details about it so I can't touch that side.. THe thing I want to rant about the event was the Sounds!! Well I'm the sound director of the theater club and I'll hate myself if I can't get it Out.. The selection of sounds was good but the queueing was a bit off for some parts. Its ok. Another bad part was the communication between me, the lights, the backstage and the director. From me to the Lights the communications was clear and very organized but from me to the director was murder to my ears!! The Comms Device that was supposed to be used by the director was being rolled to different placed.. Literally Rolled the murder part about it was the mic of that unit was turned on so if the comms unit is dropped ill hear the Full blast of the drop! another thing was from me to the Backstage. again the unit is Being ROLLED literally. the mic of the unit is very sensitive so every movement of the mic will be blasted to my ear. I think my ear Almost bleed the whole event. The mic in the backstage is always being thrown in Places I dont FREAKING KNOW!! ITS LIKE FREAKING MURDER!!! Another Thing the guy wearing it SHOUTED LIKE HELL in the MIC which FREAKING BLASTED MY EAR in full volume. You can put the mic upwards if you want to shout its like muting the mic but that did not happened I GOT FREAKING SHOUTED DIRECTLY IN MY EAR!!! After the show my ear was very tired.. but its ok the show went well anyway...

Next stop was the week after the play.. It was a very nice week I cant remember if something happened bad during the week but I was just so nice all my plans went accordingly..

This week was very tiring...... We Initiated the an Interview in Letran Calamba the planning was done a week before. I made our AVP on Monday and I finished it on Thursday morning. It was an AVP about the New Testament we used Dear God by FMstatic as our Music and Jesus of Nazareth and Passion of Christ as the videos to be trimmed. This is a project in our theology class its we were ordered to make an AVP let other people watch it and interview them about the AVP and About the New Testament. Making the AVP was not that easy because it was hard to think of which parts to place the AVP and triming the AVP and timing each lyric to match the actions of the trimmed AVP. The timing part took me almost a whole day in making it. Thanks to the coffee I drank wednesday morning I can move quicker. After making the AVP we were all set to Initiate the Interview. The first thing that was off on Friday was our Call Time. Our planned call time was supposed to be 2:30 I planned it 2:30 because I am Expecting them to arrive 3pm onwards being Filipinos we should count in our assumptions the so called "FILIPINO TIME" well 2:30 came and no one is still arriving. Alvin was supposed to come earlier but got caught by traffic. but all of the Time Crap was ok. The next thing that Pissed me Off was our position in the bus. We arrived at the bus station when a bus was about to leave so we did not get prime seats. It was 4:45 when we arrived there and we were seated in the very back end of the bus. It was ANNOYINGLY UNCOMFORTABLE the back part received all the beating from the drive so we were shaking all the time during the whole trip which made me feel dizzy I think I got a High Blood pressure while on that bus because I felt a "Neck-Ache". The WORST PART which EFFIN PISSED ME OFF was The main purpose of the Journey. The INTERVIEW we arrived there in Letran on the right time but the people that we were supposed to meet finished their stuff earlier. So technically we arrived late because we were supposed to meet them after they finished doing their training. I let them watch my AVP using my laptop. after them finishing the AVP we were supposed to interview them. But my GROUPMATES "PUSSY OUT"-ed!! We assigned the interviewer to be alvin and chua to ask the questions but because of their FREAKING STUPID SHYNESS they "PUSSY OUT"-ed which made my blood rush to my head I was so pissed off with them pussying out But eventually ,after me showing how pissed I was, they started the Interview. I held the camera and alvin asked the questions The Interviewees assigned a person to answer per question we presented the lighting of the place was a bit off but the whole interview went well. the Interview went well. I was very happy with the Interview and the turn of events and me being pissed off was completely overshadowed. The Interview ended and we parted off with our interviewees except for the host we were supposed to go with her along the way so we can bring some "BukoPie" on the next journey but the shop we were supposed to buy them was closed it turned out that we just escorted her home which is a good way of thanking our host. After escorting our host we went to BK and to eat I overspended but still it was overshadowed by the good turn of events. We were Able to reach our second destination but when we arrived we were so tired but its ok. I still had fun.
It was ものそごく おもしろい!! とても ものそごく おもしろい!!!

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