Friday, November 4, 2011

Time Line

Year One.
It started.
I discovered it, felt it, and tried to Control it.
I hid it.

Year Two
I was able to control it.
More like Ignoring it..
I planned it after the nth Year.
I will start.

Year Three
A chance came that destroyed my control over it.
But I stopped it.
Stopping it was never a Regret.
Stopping it made me think that I have control over it.

Year Four
I cannot control it anymore.
Circumstances that came help me control it.
I wanted to start it.
I thought another year is not that long.
I was not wrong it came so fast.

I started to let it flow.
But I been to used to control it
And I cant stop controlling it.
I was so confused on how to Handle it.
It was out of control.
It came to a point that I let it go.
But it was not returned.
It was not accepted.
It was rejected.
It was wrong to control.
It thought me how to be patient.
It was a great experience.
But It was never completed.

Year Current
It maybe repeating again.
so as the past that came with It.
How can I complete It?
Or maybe.
Am I still controlling It?
or Am I Rushing It?


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